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Convergence – Part Five

So, as part of the ongoing series of Convergence posts, I present you with the fifth installment. As usual, my sections are in bold, his are in italics, and notes will follow.

6.4.3. 16:18 rm

“I need another ship.” I said to the general.

“What happened to…”

“My other ship was damaged in the fight with the TELYON.” I said before the general had a chance to finish.

“With your permission sir, I would like to take the VELANYM.”

The general was equally as shocked as everyone else in the room. The VELANYM was a warship equipped with everything. From Angler missiles to Yomrat bombs.

“You want to take the VELANYM? The warship? That thing is old. And has all the missiles and bombs you can name and more. What do you plan to do? Blow up a hangar?”

I smiled.

“Yes.” I said.

The general almost fainted.

“That was meant to be an expression. It meant something like, ‘that’s a lot of firepower. What do you intend to do with it?’ ”

“I still plan on blowing that hangar.”

“All right. Take her. Just make sure you bring her back in one piece. And everyone you’ll have onboard.”

“Yes, sir.”

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 16:48 rm

The Fleet was here. All of it. Three thousand, not including fighter wings. One of the largest fleets ever to assemble on a single target, in fact, the last time this many ships were assembled was 900 years ago, at the mighty battle we fought for control of the Polles Division, against the combined forces of eighteen planets. We won at heavy cost, before we got hold on the tactics required for cosmic wars. We would not make the same mistakes again.

The fleet had in it not one, but two Holdar Command ships, dubbed Hemisphere One and Hemisphere Two, to control the forces on either side of the planet. Twenty subcommands would deploy around the planet. Our fleet was highly competent, and we had one of the most complete complements ever assembled. We had everything from refuelers to hospital ships, from orbital solar-power gathering satellites to tank carriers, and even an entire refitting and repair dock. And that was the non combat ships. We had missile frigates like ourselves, bombers, troop transports, five complete contingents of fighters, and every specialty ship that could be thought of. Kassis was sealed. Now for the ground troops. I contacted Hollisas on the surface.

“Commander Hollisas, this is Captain Phinirri. The fleet is in orbit. The Admiral is back at the top of the hierarchy. General Farulle is coming to relieve you, and your ship will be put back on combat status. We are to assist in the ground movement.”

Commander Hollisas made the fealty motion, and the Telyon dove towards the surface.

-Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 16:52

The VELANYM was a real piece of equipment. The ship had everything. I had come here once before on a tour for the cadets. I had flown a lot of ships, but nothing this complex. After everyone was onboard and all the equipment, and after reassuring myself I would be fine, we took off into the night sky. We flew to the hangar. Then the radar picked up something unusual. A fleet of ships, [A whole fleet!] was headed towards the planet. The military part of my mind had it all worked out before the rest of my mind. They were going for a ground assault. Now my only option was to get in and destroy that hangar and back out before the ships got here. Which was easier said than done.

We got to the hangar and started dropping the S.E.’s. The S.E.’s were Shield Evaporators. Then the shields were drained. Then we sent a bombardment of E.S.’s. The Entrance Seekers would fly into the entrance and destroy anything inside the hangar part. We then dropped bombs to collapse the roof. This took longer than expected. We were almost out of bombs when the roof caved in. The emergency exit was also caved in. There was only one way out of there. If they knew the way, they would be able to get out of there. But hopefully, there would be a fully armed escort to take them as prisoners of war. As we were headed back, we ran into the fleet. Which was very disastrous. For the enemy, that is.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 16:52

A ship called the VELANYM (the entire name was in capitals, indicating that it was a lead ship) had snuck up and bombed the hangar bay into the ground. Fortunately, It was now all but evacuated, due to the fact that we had captured an auxiliary of Central Control, which was much better suited to our needs. The ship took off, and ran into a branch of the fleet, which was coming down to land cannon and turrets for the impending onslaught.

He seemed confident, not bothering to attempt many evasive maneuvers. It was as if he was laughing in their face. Of course, he was easily superior to them, and three ships were critically damaged, one all but dead. However, he was about to find something he wouldn’t find as easy to fight.

The rogue began firing on the ships. This was not allowable. Even if it didn’t damage the incoming ships, this type of bold aggression was unacceptable. We would teach them to mess with the Holdars.

We dropped out of veil, and the enemy ship began to swing around. The pilot was blatantly unfamiliar with the workings of a warship. He was trying to react as if in a fighter craft, which lead me to think that he might for some reason be the pilot of that little fighter we had taken down earlier, unlikely as it may be. No matter, although I logged the fact mentally for the possible weaknesses list. If their major ship pilots were this inexperienced…

Anyway, the pilot had made a major mistake, and he would soon learn it the hard way. Our ship was already strafing around, to stay behind the VELANYM. Our shields were on.

I gave the command. “Fire at will.”

Five Nimbi shot forth with speed only computers could counter, and locked onto the VELANYM, spreading their pale light with an intensity that made it difficult to look at directly. The lander ships were already firing, and although their fire range was only midlevel, there were many of them, and the shields continued to drop, quivering like an uncalibrated video display with each pounding hit. If it was the same pilot, he would not dare try his shield trick again. These missiles were specially designed, and would go off with antimatter reactions when the shields dropped, not to mention the fire coming in from all the ships, including us.

The ships were landing, and would stay there like a protective mother hen, until the cannon had at least rudimentary shields up. Then they would return to load for another drop.

The VELANYM was desperate now, and it seemed the captain was confused about which target to go after, me, or the lander ships. Finally it came after me. It shields were almost dead, then, they died. The Nimbi exploded, most of the force shunted by the rudimentary but still somewhat capable deflectors, but the deflectors couldn’t hold against the focused blast of an Angelflame. Regardless, their starboard outrigger was only semi-functional, and our shields were still at 93.5%.

“Fire a saint.” A saint was nine Angelflames, the lucky number. They shot, all fired from multi shot compartment, then broke apart, streaking for weak points, and glowing with orange-red flame. Suddenly they froze in midair. The VELANYM’s captain had pushed the surrender button. The surrender button broadcast on a reserved frequency, delaying all incoming fire, and cutting off all nonessential power until communications were established, and negotiations were reached. If they tried firing or backstabbing, the Angelflames would automatically destroy the target.

“Well,” I said. “ Let’s see what that ghiszes child has to say.”

-Cptn. Phinirri

[Notes] First section – Josh: “Why would you want that ship? It’s old! And as all the weapons we can think of. It’s useless. Also, take down a hanger is supposed to be an expression? And a mere captain has this much influence with the council. Sheesh.

Second section – Ty: In this, I was trying to drive home just how massive the fleet was, since Josh didn’t seem to have any conceptions at the time of the threat he was up against.

Third Section – Josh: Here he briefly acknowledges the power of the aforementioned fleet,” [A whole fleet!]” but promptly decides to ignore it when he runs into it later, with only a small complement of ships. “…we ran into the fleet. Which was very disastrous. For the enemy, that is.” Also, with all the E.S.’s and S.E.’s flying around, it’s hard to keep things straight.

Fourth Sections – Ty: This is a long section, but definitely not too bad. A surrender button is quite unorthodox, but sort of makes sense. Josh insisted on having his fighter pilot control a warship, so I worked his clumsy maneuverings into the story. Ghiszes is obviously an untranslated swear word. Also, nine should have been written as a holy number, not necessarily a lucky one.

Well, let’s see how this turns out in the next installment, shall we?

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