Posted by: lordkyler | February 19, 2011

Webcomic – Redux

So, I just found a page of four test comics I did for the comic that never was. I’d all but forgotten where it was, and was pleasantly surprised to find it. So, I give you four strips of what I was thinking of calling Uncommon Destiny. (With transcripts in case it’s hard to read. Click for large view.)

Panel One: Rob - So none of this seems odd to you? Jack - Not really. Panel Two: Rob - We're suspended on a rope bridge above a river of lava. Panel Three: Jack - We came sightseeing to see the volcano. It's just bad timing. Panel Four: Rob - OK, but what about the lava crocs? Jack - Yeah, that is pretty weird.

Panel One: Rob - Obviously, some sort of villainy is afoot here. Jack - Yes, but what kind? Panel Two: Rob - Volcanoes typically imply megalomaniac warlords or magic. Jack - I'm gonna say magic. Rob - I say warlord, with robot magma-gators. Panel Three: Jack - Betcha $50 it's an evil wizard. Rob - You're on. Panel Four: Text - 30 seconds later... Evil Wizard - HALT, MORTALS Rob - Dang. Jack - woo!

Panel One: Jack - Wait, before you kill us, would you at least tell us what you're doing? Evil Wizard - Well, I suppose... Panel Two: Evil Wizard Voiceover - Many thousands of years ago, my brother was falsely imprisoned by the evil King. I swore revenge and... Panel Three: Jack hits the Evil Wizard on the head with a rock. His staff breaks. Jack - Wizards are notorious for being long-winded. Panel Four: Jack - And the weak spot on the back of their skulls. Rob - I know. You'd think they'd wear helmets under those hats. Evil Wizard - *dissolves*

Panel One: Rob - So, I've been thinking... Jack - Adventure-time thinking? Rob - Regular thinking. Jack - Aww... Panel Two: Rob - We always seem to be in the right place to save the world. Panel Three: Rob - Did you ever wonder why? I mean, we're always right there. Every. Time. I mean, it's like the universe is trying to tell us something. Panel Four: Jack Voiceover - We have the best twitter feed ever? Twitter Feed - Jack: Just had pancakes. I love pancakes. Jack: Saved argntna from dark wzrd. flight home boring. Rob: Zombies smell even worse when on fire. Yuk. Jack: Why do robots have heads? They're robots, they can have eyes where-ever. Rob: Dark Elf is lvl 80! woot!

Yes I realize that’ not exactly what Twitter looks like. I wasn’t actually on Twitter at the time.

Looking at these makes me think maybe I abandoned this too easily. Maybe I should pick it up again…

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