Posted by: lordkyler | February 5, 2011

Project Report, Mr. Sulu – Project Statuses

So, I thought I’d just drop a post detailing which major projects I’m working on, and how far along they are. (In alphabetical order)

  • Animoids

As I mentioned in the notes after my last post, Animoids is in for some long-needed upgrades.

  • What It Is

Animoids is one of my oldest projects that has still survived to the present day. In short, after an accident in the lab, a chemical is found to have fantastic properties that grant superhuman speed, strength, agility, and most remarkably, the ability to store alternate sets of DNA, somehow allowing the user to “morph” into any animal they choose, quickly and easily.

A top-secret military group is formed from the best and brightest in the country, using this fantastic and promising new line of research. This is the story of that group, half hilarity, half butt-kicking.

  • Where It’s At

Surprisingly, despite having been around for so long, I’ve never really progressed past a certain point. All I’ve had is a few scenes, some (admittedly less-than-fully-developed) characters, and several attempts at reworking them in either comic or novel form.

Well, no more. I’m just about to begin working on a full outline for Animoids, including but not limited to, a possible better title, full plot, more developed characters, more buildup, explanations, and actions scenes. All in all, to actually make it a story, and hopefully one worth reading.

  • Details/Trivia

Animoids was inspired by Animorphs, one of my favorite series, at least as far as the morphing goes, although there are several differences in the way it operates.

  • Convergence

Ah, Convergence. This was once a chain story between me and my brother, then he abandoned it, and I picked it up. In need of major retooling.

  • What It Is

Convergence is the story of a war between two different worlds, one a massive empire driven by religion that has conquered a dozen races through peaceful and decidedly less than peaceful means. They are known as the Holdar Supremacy. The small world of Kassis, experts in bioengineering and natural sciences, mounted a guerilla war a generation ago, becoming the only planet ever to throw off the bindings of the Holdars.

But now the Supremacy is back, and bent on domination. Two captains, one from each side, are destined to become the crux of the issue, and it is only hoped they can learn to get along.

  • Where It’s At

Since this started out as a simple chain story, with two sides just constantly attacking each other without much creative effort, this story was fairly dull and rather clichéd in the technological departments, for the most part, although the Kassis are not exactly tree-hugging Na’vi. They’re wicked smart, they just lacked the recourses to develop in the same areas technologically as we have.

Basically, I’m going to essentially revamp the whole concept. I’m going to try and break  a few molds here, and hopefully introduce a relatively unique view of science fiction combat. I’d also like to create a story where the domineering evil empire is not necessarily the bad guys, and the environmentalist rebels are not necessarily all that perfect either.

So, after redoing the concept, I will then work on developing the story far more than it is here, creating some good characters, conflict, and situations while still portraying a huge, awesome war.

  • Details/Trivia

One area that seems neglected in a lot of science fiction is underwater capabilities and such, other than the odd Atlantis or Kamino, odd considering that many planets are likely to be covered with water, as most of Earth is. I hope to remedy that with this story. I’d also like to work a bit of hard science into the story.

  • Legacy

Legacy is a project I’ve just barely started, but I think holds quite a bit of promise.

  • What It Is

Sorcerers, men of darkness and treachery, and Legends, their honorable and noble conterparts, warred constantly, using their unique powers to bring destruction or salvation to whatever lands they traveled. But nearly a hundred years ago, all Sorcerers and Legends engaged in a monumental battle, destroying each other.

Now, a hundred years later, a new Sorcerer has risen with all the power of those who’ve gone before him. One man, believed to the heir to the Legends’ powers, swears to kill the Sorcerer, and uses an ancient magic that will not allow him to die until he does so. The only problem is that his powers have yet to manifest…

  • Where It’s At

This project just barely came into being, and so all I’ve really done so far is work out the basic backstory/setting. I still have characters and plot to develop, as well as additional world details, but those should be coming soon. I really think this story will be a good one.

  • Details

This story was actually inspired by a sparring session. I was messing around with my brothers, in a slow-motion just-for-fun kill-everybody hyphenation-fest, and since we both wanted to win, I threw in a bit of role-playing to add some drama and a fantasy element that let us both “win,” resulting in the plot device that helped inspire the story..

  • Lithra

The Legend of Lithra is a fantasy story, told in serial format, with new sections released every Saturday. It is freely available here.

  • What It Is

One day, Selane, a normal boy living in his parents inn, meets up with a stranger that turns out to be an enchanter, and not only that, but one with great legend attached to him. Long ago, he forged a powerful weapon, but it was stolen by his ambitious apprentice Resca. Selane is swept up into a whirlwind chase to defeat the villainous Resca before he can complete his plans of conquering the North Countries.

  • Where It’s At

The first book is completely written, and scheduled to be released a piece at a time for quite a while. See this post for more details. Anyway, after the current story is finished being released, there will be a period where I’ll release short stories set in the same world, which are also nearly completed.

And after that, I have the second book completely plotted out, with characters, plot, and everything. All that’s left is to write it, which will wait for a while, and some possible world details, which should be no problem. I even have ideas for the other stories following the second!

Lithra is by far the most developed of my projects thus far.

  • Details/Trivia

Lithra actually started out as yet another ill-fated joint venture between me and my brother, but I gradually just started doing more and more until he’s almost completely uninvolved. The next story, which I think will be a good step better in quality, will likely not involve him whatsoever.

  • Prometheus

Prometheus is another very new project of mine, but has a strong and unique setting.

  • What It Is

Around a hundred years in the future, nations have banded together representing three different views of governmental structure. (After they take over the world enough to implement it, of course.) But when all three sides develop gravitational weapons at nearly the same time, the moon is ripped apart, and falls to Earth.

In order to save the planet, the Earth is shattered into it’s tectonic plates, forming eight miniature planetoids that survive solely through the gravitational devices themselves. Most of humanity dies, but the survivors find themselves with seemingly magical technology, since most of the science behind it has gone missing.

Now humanity has recovered enough to begin to wage war once again, and the startling new technology of technologically-enabled telekinesis drags a man named Jason into the midst of a war between the shattered remnants of Earth.

  • Where It’s At

This project is brand new, and hasn’t much gotten past the basic setting. I still have to hammer the background details together in order to create a consistent world, but it won’t be easy, as I have to imagine politics a hundred years in the future, bind countries together in alliances, rip them apart, and stick them back together in the cultures that overtake the new Earths. In addition, I have to imagine advanced but at least semi-realistic technology of the future, and make it into magic, not to mention the concept of warfare and development on such radical new terrain.

And that’s just the background stuff. After I know what I’m working with, I have to create characters, conglomerated cultures, half-magic technology, and a plot. It’s going to be an ambitious process with a lot of work, but if I can pull it off it’ll be plenty sophisticated.

  • Details/Trivia

The part about technologically assisted telekinesis was inspired by this drawing I did, which was in turn inspired by the Battle Room from Ender’s Game. I just felt like I should credit Ender’s Game for some reason, even if it didn’t actually inspire anything in the final story.

One thing I really want to do with this story is to create a compelling story with a unique setting, and a blend of technology and mythology. Essentially, I wanted this world to feel like the classic Greek and Roman legends, such as Odysseus, The Argonauts, or Hercules, just in a science fiction setting. Thus the main character’s name is a subtle nod to this goal.

  • Superheroes

The superhero story (for lack of a current name,) is due to receive some in-depth work.

  • What It Is

One hot summer day, a small group of people in one city receive fantastic powers, without knowing why. In addition to a wide range of superpowers, each also finds their minds become more powerful in some way while using their powers.

Those who receive those powers range from schoolteachers to convicted murderers to six-year-old boys. This is the story of how they cope with those powers, those who use their powers for good seeking to stop those who would use them for evil, all the while trying to discover the source of their mysterious powers.

It’s a superhero origin story with no clear origin.

  • Where It’s At

I’ve had the basics of some characters down for quite a while, as you can see from the blog posts, but others have simply powers attached. In addition, I’ve got only the slightest ideas of the plot.

So, the first thing on the agenda is to develop the characters. Some are fairly developed, but lack dimension, and others are merely placeholders for potential powers. In this story, I’m really going to try to create believable, flawed, sympathetic characters. I’ve tried to give them all unique superpowers, or at least a twist or little-used variation, but essentially, someone’s done it before. I believe if this work is going to succeed for me, it’s going to have to be highly character driven.

So after that, I’ll work on the plot, and possibly concept art, to the best of my abilities.

  • Details/Trivia

I originally wanted to do this story because I rather liked Heroes, but I wanted to do my own version, something hopefully better. In part I’ve always just enjoyed the idea of a superhero in normal clothing, (excepting those few who so embrace their powers they choose to don a costume of some sort,) with little to no embellishment.

I think I got my first taste of this while perusing a book about Spider-Man, and whilst reading about the Clone Saga, I saw that his costume as the Scarlet Spider involved a hoodie. I have always liked hoodies more than is rational, so there we have it. And, as I mentioned, Heroes certainly helped.


So, that’s the status update, not including any small or one-time projects.


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