Posted by: lordkyler | December 18, 2010

More Drawings and Sketches

So, I’ve got another small batch of sketches for you, some recent, some old.

A huge collection of weapons

A huge collection of weapons, drawn stick-figure style, ranging from maces and firearms to stinky socks, the hulk, and your mom. (view full for details)


An All-Star Superhero Assembly, from both Marvel and DC. At least all the ones that can fly, fly on things, or be thrown. Features the Hulk, Wolverince, Spiderman, Thor, Nightcrawler, Angel, Superman, Iceman, Iron Man, Storm, Mr. Fantastic, Cyclops on a rocketboard, Deadpool, the Human Torch, Batman, and Gambit. ®©™, etc.

Mountain Peaks

A range of mountains, and forest bordering a stream, with a small cabin at the bank. There are a couple subtle hints of fantasy, namely, the signal fires, and the small dragon in the top right.

I decided to draw a better version of Taynor's Alley (from a few posts ago.) here it is! This place would be awesome to visit.

And finally, a quickly colored version in Photoshop. Hope you liked it.

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