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Convergence – Story Part Four

Please read all three previous sections first.

This is the continuing sections of the chain story between me and my brother, now known as Convergence. My sections are in bold, his are in italics. Notes from the current me at the end. More to come. Enjoy.

6.4.3. 15:94 rm

The satellites were moving out of orbit. I smiled. Just as I had suspected. Next part of the plan, take mining ships and collapse the hangar. I was in a Viper and had 2 miner ships. We were already in the ships and were heading to the hangar. The plan was for me to sweep by, cloaked, and destroy the rods holding up the roof. Then the mining ships, also equipped with cloaking devices, would collapse the roof. The ships had the cloaking devices installed while I deployed the satellites.

We reached the hangar, and I went in for a sweep. I got past easily enough. And then I destroyed the rods. I had gotten out. I had used projectiles to take them out. Just so they wouldn’t notice. I pulled away, and got to the mining ships. They started drilling. By the time we were flying back, the hangar was destroyed. If I was right, the next part would start very soon.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 15:95 rm

HA! The fools fell for it! The second they were out, the secondary rods shot up, and the new ceiling slid into place. The new ceiling was not as exorbitantly high as the previous one, but still quite large. Suddenly tons of earth slid and collapsed onto the new ceiling. To all appearances, we were finished. In actuality, we had just begun. I was rayed aboard my ship, waiting just outside the cave.

We knew exactly where their ships were. Their cloaking devices were excellent when it came to shielding visually, but not so good against other sensors. By hiding the distinctive “shimmer” effect, they had to sacrifice some other protection. They showed up loud and clear on X-ray. For one thing, X-ray was so old fashioned, that it was frequently discredited, but I liked sticking with old standbys. We followed.

A complement of Palyasks were hidden behind the deflector screen. The deflector screens were shoddy and not much good, but it wouldn’t matter, they wouldn’t be needed for long. The screen dropped, and Palyasks jinked left and right, swiftly destroying the mining ships, which had no shield and were notoriously fragile at the thorax point. They fell toward the planet surface in a spinning tangled mess of fire. Now, that Viper…

The ships zoomed ahead, and cut off the escape route, but the pilot was to savvy for that. He zipped around and came right at me. Brave, but foolhardy. Two Nimbus air-to-air missiles flashed out of the chutes. The pilot twisted in a deft motion, but one still clipped his right wing. The Nimbus spread its distinctive web across the shields. They were excellent shield drainers, as their networks of energy spread across, draining the shields by a line of continuous ghostly green fire. The shield glowed brighter, sending tendrils of light curling around the nexus of the Nimbus effect. Suddenly their shields dropped, a bit too soon, if you asked me.

The missle had no such inhibitions, and dropped away towards Kassis, incinerating itself. This pilot knew about the weaknesses of the Nimbus missiles, and had deliberately cut his shields to trick it into dropping away, if I was correct. However, his shields must be highly drained. He had been running away during this, obviously, and even more obviously, he had been following.

Two Angelflames streaked after, shrieking like the winds of Gharas, and luminescent like the rods of Ancilles. They hit right by the starboard wing, wiping it and the engines on that side out completely. The ship spiraled towards the ocean below.

-Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 16:13

I was in my ship underwater, headed for one of the aqua-docks. The missle hadn’t damaged my ship that much. They had followed me from the hangar. We would have to go back again, judging from what the scan had shown me. They had put ships around me to block my exit routes.

Instead of simply going around them, I had turned around. The ship I had headed for had its name inscribed in bold letters. TELYON. It had fired 2 Nimbus missiles at me. One had missed. The other had clipped my right wing, then sensing the shield’s power surge, had spread around my ship with its net. I had read up on Nimbus missiles once. They drained your shields very quickly. My shields were almost drained. So I had turned them off. The missle fell and incinerated.

Then 2 Angelflame missiles came. They hit my starboard wing. The engines were still usable, but just barely. The starboard wing was completely gone. As I was tumbling to the ocean, I had pressed the submersible button. The Vipers were made to be subs, as well as space fighters. The Viper had changed before I hit the water. They obviously didn’t know that, otherwise, they would have destroyed me before I hit the water. I put the Viper on autopilot. I would be safe until I reached the dock.

– Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 16:15

We were on our way out of atmosphere, but nagging doubt clawed at my mind. That guy seemed a bit too willing to crash to his certain and excessively painful doom. No dipping the flaps, no pulling up, no revenge shots at us just before death, in fact, he seemed to me to have lined up to go underwater. Something didn’t sit right with me about this.

The last time I had gotten a feeling like this one, was when we were firing at a small assassination ship, and it vanished.But I had had that feeling and I scanned the area. Data showed something peculiar. By the time it worked out, we discovered a larger, cloaked ship had spread a cloak extension around it, when that use was unknown. It saved the lives of the crew, and quite possibly our most valuable agricultural community. My suspicions gained even more credibility when my targeting officer in charge of Angelflames commented that the ship seemed to change form just before it hit the water.

I didn’t like this at all. And such a good pilot could pose a serious inconvenience to the cause. I gave the order to turn around, and call some backup. I contacted Invasion Base. Commander Hollisas, captain of a large blockade runner/troop transport, the H.S. Sholvis, answered. “Commander Hollisas, I need a question answered. I have a severely unpleasant hunch about something. How far has their submersible technology advanced?”

“Funny you should mention that. I just got a report from the people studying the captured ships, and they say a remarkable 75% can double as submersibles, including all their major fighters.”

“Tesh! I was right! OK, Apparently they now have extensive underwater systems up. This is an unforeseen delay. I’m not sure we have the equipment to deal with an underwater strike force. However, they don’t need to know that. I’ll send to the home base, and by the time we capture their land forces, we can move on to oceanic warfare. Unfortunately, we can’t go after the little fremek now. I think everything is ready for stage III. Are your men in position?”

He nodded confidently. “We have captured all the stations we’ll need for step III, and I have calculated an 89% chance of success.”

“Good,” I said. “Time to pull in the rest of the fleet.”


“Yes, Tanchor,” I said, addressing him by his first name. “The whole thing.”

-Captain Phinirri

[Notes] Remember what I said earlier about Josh just playing catchup? Yeah, it’s starting to show badly. He spent half of a segment just recounting the previous battle that I had JUST DESCRIBED, while changing almost nothing.

Although I must say it’s pretty clear we were both just kind of sniping each other. “Ha, you fell into my clever scheme! I WANTED you to destroy my hanger!”

“Oh yeah? well that’s what I wanted you to think, you’ve fallen into my trap!’

And so on and so forth. At least I was trying.

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