Posted by: lordkyler | November 6, 2010

More Photoshop Work


  1. who owns the rights to the stylized wyvern? I would love to have permission to use the image for a completely unrelated project



  2. How can I get permission to use the second image from the top, “stylized Wyvern” from the creator? I want to use it a a logo for a race car project I am working on. Please contact me, thanks Steve

    • the rights are owned by Tyler Rhea (this is the moderator, Ben speaking). I’m in charge of the site while he’s away (until October), but I can email him for you and ask him. However, I’m fairly certain that you won’t be able to use the rights, as that logo is currently in use (at least a modified version of it) by for their web design business (and also as the favicon for this blog).

    • Moderator Ben again (this time from my own account), I’m just here to tell you that I just so happen to be the main graphic designer for and that if you can’t get the rights to the stylized wyvern, then I’d be happy to design you a custom logo (or any other graphic work you might need). Head on over to the site to get a look of what some of my work looks like, or email me at if you’d like to see other stuff I’ve done.

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