Posted by: lordkyler | October 23, 2010

Lithra Update

As I write this, it is April of 2010. By the time you read this, it will be October of the same year, and I’ll have been gone for months.

You see, I’m going to be leaving for a couple of years, (on a mission for the LDS church,) and during this period, I’ll be unable to work on my projects. But that’s not exactly fair to the readers of my blogs, is it? So here’s what I’ve been doing to remedy that.

Thanks to the scheduling feature of WordPress, I am able to write the posts beforehand, and have them automatically release themselves long after I am gone. So I’ve been rapidly building up a backlog. This site has been automatically updating for most of this year, and I’m currently working to add more, resulting in the smallest gap possible before my return.

But most of the work has gone to the Sword of Lithra, the serial fantasy blog I write. I was pumping out a month’s worth of posts every week for quite a while. As I write this, the actual story has been done for months, but the posts are scheduled through April of 2011, just for your benefit. Yeah, I’m a saint.

Anyway, the story is currently entering the thrilling climax, and at the aforementioned point, it will be over. But do not fear, Lithra is far from finished. After Book I ends, we’ll be releasing longer, self-contained stories every other month until I return from this mission. These stories will provide new insight on the story and world of Lithra.

And now, as a reward for visiting my site, you’ll receive an exclusive sneak peek at the second book in the series. I’ve been hard at work developing this story, and I think it’ll be a much better book than the last one. (My thoughts on writing Lithra are for another blog post.)

So, without further ado, I present, The Five Knives of Aesur!

The Plot:

Several years after the events of Book I, Selane is serving as an agent of the King. (What, you didn’t think we’d kill off the main character in the first book of the series, did you?) During one of his assignments, an assassination, bearing one of the powerful enchanted knives of Aesur, attempts to kill the prince. As he dies, he reveals a plot that threatens to overthrow all the countries of the north.

Selane, along with a small group of skilled warriors, is sent to stop the assassins and their organization. Selane and his company will experience dangers, wonders, and good old-fashioned adventure as their quest leads them down rivers, through caves, and across the isles of the sea.

And I’ll also share some exclusive sketches from my notebook. (The same notebook where the entire story was created.)

Why, it appears someone is fighting some wyverns in a cave. Wonder who it could be...

Taynor's Alley, a ravine between two islands in Casper's Arches. Thrilling things will happen here...

Pinefall Abbey, an unfinished abbey, where important events will occur...

(That’s my last ellipsis, I swear)


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