Posted by: lordkyler | October 9, 2010

Trident Class Cargo Carrier

This ship is (currently) not affiliated with the Convergence line. I set out to create a complex model with detailed exterior and interior, helped with good textures. I also wanted it to be a slightly more realistic spacecraft in view of handling capabilities. A lot of science fiction craft look like they’re designed like planes, streamlined, with big engines in the back, banking and swerving in order to maneuver. But in space, this type of motion is meaningless, as any rotation or direction is possible with no friction to hinder it.With this in mind, I created many engine areas at numerous points on the craft, while still keeping the overall shape aerodynamic enough for potential planet landing. As a cargo ship, it’s not too pretty, with big, clunky landing gear, and a beat-up appearance. (At least when I get around to the final stage of texturing.

Right now, the ship is halfway completed, with the exterior mostly modeled and a great deal of work on the inside. It’s been quite an interesting challenge modeling the interior, trying to work out what’s needed, and where, and the various details of how to get from one section of the ship into another. Basically, how the whole thing works.

Several sections are in seperate layers, giving me the ability to protract and retract the landing gear, and raise and lower the loading ramps. Eventually, this will become a fully textured and awesome model. Then all I have to do is figure out what to use it for.


By now, you’ll undoubtedly want to see pictures. So I shall oblige.

Schematic of the Trident Class Cargo Carrier

This is the schematic, "x-ray" view, showing the basic shape and interior sections. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why it's called the Trident class. (click for larger view.)

The unfinished bridge. Blue sections will be transparent.

Similarly unfinished Common room. Spiral staircase leads to the bridge, small elevator leads to the pantry, and the doors and lifts along the back wall lead to crew's quarters.

Pantry/ Food Storage and Hydroponics. Mostly finished, just needs texturing. Lift leads to common room.

The central cargo bay has three levels for storage. Large crates on the middles, smaller ones on the top levels, and loose/special cargos in the bins near the bottom. Door at the end leads to the bridge.

In the side cargo bays, the upper level is replaced with passenger's quarters, simple living spaces for travelers. Ramp leads to main bay.

In this external view, we can see one of the cargo ramps, and more importantly, the thrusters. The circular multidirectional lateral thrusters, the banks of rotational thrusters, and the pivoting main thruster, which includes the main drive engine.

And finally, here is the ship with landing gear down and loading ramps open.

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