Posted by: lordkyler | September 25, 2010

Superheroes – Susanna Llewellyn

Susanna Llewellyn has one of the most versatile power of all the characters, that can be spread to a wide variety of uses. She may not be the most powerful, but a jack of all trades is often better than a master of one, as the saying goes.

She was also involved in a life-changing car crash, and was comatose until discovering her powers…Susanna is a beautiful blond teenager of 17 years, a junior in high school, and one of the brightest, most cheerful people one could hope to meet. Or at least she was, until the accident. While picking up her sister after softball practice, the family van she drove was T-boned by a drunk driver, who had run a red light. The Hummer impacted directly on the driver’s side door. Her sister was mostly unharmed, but Susanna was badly injured. After weeks in the hospital, her body had healed, but Susanna suffered traumatic brain damage. Her functionality was drastically reduced, and she often drifted into comas, and required life support. The diagnosis was grim, medicine could do next to nothing for her.

But then a miracle came in the form of the mysterious event that triggered her powers. All of the superheroes used their power involuntarily for the first time, like sneezing, their bodies naturally reacting to the unknown energy. In Susanna’s case, an arc of electricity sprung from the wall socket by her hospital bed. Instead of an advanced mental state like the other heroes, however, her brain was restored to its normal state. Unfortunately, this means she slips back into a disabling coma if she stops using her powers.

Although her mind was healed, her personality was drastically altered. Where before she had been a bubbly, confident young woman, the accident left her completely insecure, scared for what the future might bring. Her dependance on her powers certainly doesn’t help the situation, as they are the only thing keeping her from slipping back into that dark abyss of brain damage.

Susanna generally uses her powers by slightly diverting a sunbeam, a nearly unnoticeable effect, but Susanna has become paranoid about having her concentration broken, and can never really fully concentrate on anything, for fear of relapsing. This also works for her, as she has become so obsessed with using her powers, he subconscious manages to keep using them while she sleeps, at least enough that she bring herself back in the morning. This leads to a number of disturbances during vivid dreams, as she unwittingly unleashes her powers on her surroundings.

Fortunately, after prolonged use, a superheroes mental state begins to have a lasting effect, and Susanna is slowly on the path to recovery during the story. This means she her courage is returning, and she eventually begins to think of uses for her power.

Susanna is capable of transforming, and to a lesser degree, directing energy. She is capable of controlling kinetic energy, radiation (particularly the visible spectrum and harmful radioactivity,) sonic waves, electricity, magnetism and varying weaker control over other forms of energy such as heat.

A nearly lossless transfer between any two of these forces presents near limitless combinations. She can convert kinetic energy to light, creating a forcefield of sorts that stops motion dead with a flash. She can convert the massive energy stored in sunlight into a lightning bolt or magnetic field, or vice-versa. Radiation can be converted into simple light, or concentrated into a laser-like blast. Although she is less powerful in deflecting energy, she can divert it, but with effort.

In conclusion, Susanna is just an all-around powerful young lady, who is slowly getting back on her feet.


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