Posted by: lordkyler | August 28, 2010

Sock. Puppet. Theater.

I now present for your enjoyment…



Specifically, 2007. My camera is not very expensive, the sound ain’t great, and the special effects are of the “iMovie and stuff laying around the house variety,” but goshdangit, It is SOCK PUPPETS SPOOFING CLASSIC LITERATURE. Also, it’s all ad-libbed, there is no script whatsoever, just me butchering the classics, with nasally wit. Here is the complete “first season!”

This was the first video ever made, an “adaptation” of Beowulf, including the only non-sock puppet in the series, and a pair of dragon-pants. This video also inspired two designs I wouldn’t mind seeing on T-Shirts…

Next came Moby-Dick, with all-kinds of sea-faring goodness! Broken into two parts, due to size.

Drama as Manuel, the Mexican Sock Puppet, steals the show, and Intergalactic space invaders strike from the Red Planet, arriving in a tin can! The martians are probably the best sock-puppet aliens ever! Again, in two parts.

The longest and last, broken up into three parts. The thrilling tale of Kidnapped, with all the kilts it implies. (One.) It may be years from now, but there will be a second season! Mua. Ha. Ha.

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