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Assailing Forces – Part Two

The second installment of Assailing forces, the chain story abandoned by the other participant. Section in bold were written by me, in italics by him.

Day 5, early morning, 1482

We were ready to begin our march into Terecarn. It took about two hours to get everything packed and ready to go. During the last two days, we had captured about four or five people from the logging patrols, and some other people who just happened to wander into Dael’s clearing. Then according to our day watchmen, the patrols stopped. And the night watchmen reported to have heard something, but did not see anything. We began our march into the South Pass. We continued north for several hours until we decided to rest for a little while. We were about halfway up the pass, when we spotted some people on horses. We ignored them, and continued onward. Several more hours passed, when we reached the end of the pass. We camped and made dinner. After setting up the tents, setting up a night watchman, and after having guards stationed around the camp, we settled down for the night. Tomorrow, we would be sieging the castle.

General Glosen


Jule 10, 1482

I am Seyro, Outrider. The Outriders were founded a long time ago, many years past. Some called us scouts, or even rangers, but we were different. Outriders train almost their whole life. I began at age four. Our main function was to serve as an elite reconnaissance and fighting force. I served under Lord Clyne. The castle of Talgra was relatively small for a full complement of Outriders, but the importance merited all ten of us. Everything about us was highly trained and highly efficient. People found us dangerous and hard to get along with, but that was because we were quick-thinking, and quick to action, but never hasty. Not to be arrogant, but we were simply superior to all but the Royal Guard.

We were about to attempt one last mission before the siege began in proper. We had been spying on them ever since that first day. Sometimes we allowed ourselves to be heard, just so others of us could get a better look at the camp. Now, Two of us rode to the capital city to inform the King about the impending siege. Perhaps reinforcements would be sent if the situation became desperate. We were prepared for a stealth mission.

We dressed in cloaks as black as midnight, with hoods that concealed our faces. The edges were worn ragged on purpose, to avoid detectable edges. The effect was that we were living shadows, walking unheard between death and the night. For this mission we carried only longbows, and the deadly silent arrows, fletched with an owls pinion feathers. They made less noise than the owls themselves.

We were also armed with a short sword, actually more of a long knife, curving and deadly. This time, we were not just here to watch them. We were going in. It was shortly after the nights zenith.

Six of us came. The other two were at the castle in case of emergencies. We surrounded the camp. Their sentries, vigilant and clever, still could not take us on. At a prearranged signal, noiseless arrows struck in vital locations, and the sentries slumped over, dead without realizing it. We had no time to take out men this time, that would come later, but today, we were here to remove one of their largest threats. The siege equipment, dismantled and loaded on carts, had to be eliminated. Using my cloak to disguise the flash, I lit a small bundle of sticks, and threw them on top of the carts, which we soaked in oil. They blazed up. Pausing only to grab our arrows, we dashed out the camp, with large fires blazing, and spreading. The camp was in chaos. A good nights work. We must know help prepare for the siege.

Seyro, Outrider


Day 6, slightly after midnight, 1482

We awoke to the sound of the sentry shouting about the siege equipment being on fire, and that the other sentries were dead. I got out of my tent as fast as I could. My men were already trying to put out the fire. Half an hour later, the fire got put out. The siege equipment was ruined. Most of it anyway. At least the catapult wasn’t touched. We would have to wait until we got some more. I sent out a messenger to the castle asking for more siege equipment. We decided to continue up to the castle. If we didn’t slow our pace, and didn’t light any fires, then we might get to the castle before daylight. We took down camp and marched to the castle.

General Glosen


Jule 11, 1482

War was breaking. The morning was cold, and mist hung in the air, obscuring the gray morning light. It made things difficult for the sentries, but they picked up the sounds of clinking armor and muffled shouts. We were prepared. Our best archers stood at the walls, low, for cover. The high crenellations at the top protected us from most arrows.

I am Damaroc Clyne, Lord Protector of Talgra. I had seen battle before, twice here, in my lifetime, but this was the first time that Lord Dochach had attacked me. The last time his country had attacked was a hundred and twenty years ago. I was set for a defensive stance, although not likely for long.

The first men began moving forward. They were a mixture of younger men, quick on their feet, and carrying ladders. There were not many of them, and I reasoned that the Outriders mission had cramped his attack plans. Following them were pike men, clad in light armor, followed by a few heavily armored troops. I ordered the first shots. No volleys yet. The most experienced archers, myself included, knelt down and nocked our arrows. I opened the wood covering the arrow slit, took aim, and let loose. five ladder-bearers fell, and three more took hits to the shoulder. Some struggled bravely on, only to meet death in the second strike. One ladder was mounted to the walls. It was quickly pushed over with one of the long poles we kept for just such a purpose. It could have been much worse if they had had more ladders. I was confident we would have withstood it, but glad it did not have to be put to the test.

For now, we were safe. As the guarding troops moved off into the distance, we sent a few arrows back at them. One of their men fell, causing another to run and carry him off. However, they seemed to be giving up to easily. I ordered all of my troops to get under cover, and raise sheilds. Not half a minute had gone by before a volley swept through the camp. A few unfortunate souls fell. They receded back into silence as the mist burned away before the rising sun. Soon I would have the chance to see them myself.

Lord Clyne

[Notes] Unfortunately, this is the end of the story. I had some interesting ideas for it, but it was abandoned by the other partner, who’s heart had never really been in it in the first place, and after he INSTANTLY found the unfindable entrance to the tower, I contested it, and he quit. This is a tale I’d be eager to take up again, when the opportunity presents itself.

Allow me to stress again that the similarities between the Outriders and the Rangers Apprentice books are entirely coincidental, as I had never even heard of that series at the time.

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