Posted by: lordkyler | June 5, 2010

Convergence – Kassis “Black Thunder” Stealth Bomber

After one particularly wretched attempt at this ship, based off of a rather simplistic drawing, I decided to take the core design elements, and redesign the ship, in a configuration I’m much happier with.Working with the basic elements of “angular diamond body flanked by large vertical wings” I created a stealth bomber rather reminiscent of the F-117 Nighthawk, with the exception of the vertical wings, perhaps a Nighthawk mixed with a TIE fighter. In any case, I present you with the Black Thunder bomber.


The Black Thunder Stealth Bomber is roughly 103 feet long, and 75 feet wide. As with all Kassisi spacecraft, the basic design is influenced by older Holdar models, although the Kassisi's advanced mathematical knowledge has been applied to give the craft advanced stealth techniques, hiding it from a number of scanners.

The front of the craft. Those shafts on either side serve to create and direct high energy weapons.

A view of the back end of the craft, with engine outputs highlighted in orange. These can be "dimmed" in order to avoid leaving a heat signature.

This is the underside of the bomber. The circles near the nose of the craft are additional bomb chutes, and the protrusions near the center are small guns, allowing for fire on ground troops and minimal air-to-air defenses.

A close-up of the bridge, which is still being modeled. The ship is large enough for several crew members.

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