Posted by: lordkyler | March 27, 2010

Drawings – Stick Figure Edition


OF STICK FIGURES! Except for these first two.

Young female elf

This elf is not that great, but mainly I'm happy I CAN ACTUALLY DRAW FACES OMIGOSH.

A ragtag fleet, seeking a lost planet known only as earth...

Side view of a ship. (and fleet) Would be excellent for one of those "sketchy" looking games.

The Pyro

This is a simple character sketch, just 'cause I like the idea. FIRE!

Large stick figure battle

A massive, cross-genre free-for-all. Click to view full size, for all those delicious little details.

Apartment battle

The highly anticipated sequel to the last picture, this epic battle takes place in an apartment building.


A classic Sci-fi image I may one day recreate in a photorealistic fashion. Basically, he is in a zero- g chamber orbiting a planet with a shattered moon. He is in training, using the fledgling technology of technologically assisted telekinesis, hence the floating objects.


A battle between brute strength and an ageless power... Dragon and Rider vs. Wizard. Who are both girls. What Eragon could've, nay, should've been, perhaps.

I hope you enjoy!


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