Posted by: lordkyler | March 13, 2010

I Can Haz Webcomic?

Hello, readers that don’t exist! How are your non-existent lives?

*absolute silence*

Glad to hear it.

Anyway, I would like to inform you that I have a WEBCOMIC. Or not. You see, I would like to have a webcomic, but there are… issues.

ISSUE THE FIRST. Where? I suppose I could just host it on WordPress, like this blog, and Lithra, but that’s not exactly intended for webcomics. Things would be awkward. There are themes that I could use, but those require you to have your own domain name, and I would need it to be really, really cheap*.


ISSUE THE SECOND. I’m planning to be gone for two years, starting very soon, and I will not be able to produce or distribute comics at all during this period. As it is right now, I am quite busy with work, and Lithra is eating up a good deal of my free time. (Also Mario Kart.)

ISSUE THE THIRD. Artistic decisions. This comic could go one of three ways. I could produce this content digitally, physically, or physically then add digital things where needed. A tablet computer would be the ideal solution, but I haven’t got one. I probably should just draw then scan the pictures, which wouldn’t be too difficult, but my panels never turn out right.

Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, I did manage to make a few “practice” comics, which I will show here.

Comic 1

The first comic, done on the computer.

Comic Two

The second comic, done on the computer as well.

Hand drawn number one

The first comic, hand drawn and scanned.

Random comic

A comic just for the sake of humor, perhaps as part of a frantic chase scene involving a kayak and a hippo. Done on the computer as well.

Now, both hand-drawn and computer comics offer different things. The computer comics definitely look better and slicker, but take far too long to draw. And where Photoshop offers easier and better looking lava, waterfalls, etc., the stick figures are just not up to my usual levels of… sophistication. As far as stick figures go.

The comic was (is?) going to be about two stick figures, Jack and Rob, a misfit duo who engage in ZaAaAnY adventures. (which are clearly in no way affiliated with or inspired by either stickmanstickman or xkcd. It is, how do they say ripoff in french. Ah yes. “Homage.”

Just kidding, although this would likely be a long running comic full of random misadventures and pop culture references, it would be at least partially original. You see, the universe is unbalanced. All manner of crazy happenings are going on in the universe, and our two protagonists are chosen to be the counter-balance, keeping the universe in order, despite their best efforts. Their new job entails such things as breaking time loops, filling in movie plot holes, (since of course all movies actually happened somewhere in the multiverse,) and just generally saving the day.

Wavering wildly between dramatic incompetence and being so genre savvy it’s like they’re psychic, Uncommon Destiny certainly is one of the lost wonders of the world. Well, if I ever get around to making it, that is. Thanks for sticking around for my rambling tirade.

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