Posted by: lordkyler | February 27, 2010

Superheroes – Jeremy Cole

Jeremy has perhaps my favorite powers in this story, that of gravity control, a power which seems surprisingly uncommon in superhero fiction. There are a large number of applications for such a power, as Jeremy Cole shows. Jeremy is a typical teenager, who enjoys playing the guitar, and basketball. He is 17 when the story begins, with short brown hair and mischievous eyes. He is tall and athletic, although at heart he is sort of a nerd.

Jeremy’s advanced mental state is the perfect complement to his powers. His motor skills and reaction times are greatly accelerated, giving him a supernatural agility, much like Spider-Man. The rest of his powers are vastly different, however.

The most dramatic use of Jeremy’s powers is his so-called “flight.” While it certainly resembles flight, it is actually a sustained free fall, and is controlled as such. By increasing the strength of his gravitational pull, he can increase his speed as far as air friction allows. Turns can be handled either by tilting, as in skydiving, or by “slingshotting” around a gravitational point. Jeremy later acquires a pair of grappling hooks to assist with these turns, occasionally latching onto streetlights and building corners. He soon takes to wearing a jumpsuit underneath his clothes and carrying a motorcycle helmet to protect against wind burn. Jeremy can also run along walls and ceilings with ease, performing huge jumps due to reduced gravity.

In addition, Jeremy can also render himself and other objects weightless, although this does not mean he can lift entire buildings, as he cannot affect an objects mass. He is strong enough to lift smaller items, like dumpsters or cars. Of course, it is far easier just to reverse an objects gravity in order to lift it, although Jeremy can only influence objects over a certain distance.

Jeremy can also use his gravitational powers offensively, either by increasing an opponents weight until he can no longer stand, or reducing it until they are floating helplessly. He can extend a circle of extreme gravity around him, causing fists or even bullets to drop like a rock when they breach the barrier. Jeremy eventually takes to carrying small, heavy objects with him, such as short metal rods or spheres, that he can launch with great force towards a target, using gravity to give them momentum.

Jeremy had always had a rather flamboyant nature, and gaining superpowers certainly didn’t help. One of the first things he does after discovering his powers is watch superhero movies, while taking notes. Jeremy was always a good-hearted kid, and, motivated by the movies, decides to help other by actually fighting crime.

Jeremy Cole is one of my favorite characters, if only because he’s one of the few that actually decides to go out and actually be a bad-a– ninja-like superhero. There’s got to be at least one person who would, right?


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