Posted by: lordkyler | February 13, 2010

Superheroes – Adam McCollister

Adam McCollister is Nelson’s super-powered partner in crime, although often he serves more as a henchman or right hand man. Adam is seldom the ambitious one.

Adam McCollister was born and raised in Chicago. His mother, Juliet Green, was raised in Alabama, but ran away at seventeen, along with her boyfriend, Jim McColister. They were married civilly, but upon finding that Juliet was pregnant, Jim bailed. As a single mother, Juliet struggled to make a living, and Adam was largely unsupervised.

Adam is rather timid, has little ambition, and did poorly in school. After several years spent drifting, he eventually joined a gang and became a drug dealer, although he never used any. He is however a chain smoker, and quite close being an alcoholic.

He was finally arrested at the age of 28, after a drug deal went bad. Although Adam had committed many crimes, including theft and robbery, he had never actually harmed anyone, until the night of his arrest, when he killed a man in self-defense, possibly by accident. This was not enough to save him from prison time, and Adam received forty years.

Adam was eventually transferred to the Duque, CO prison, where he stayed until the fateful day when his powers were activated. At the time the story begins, Adam is a rather nervous looking man with many tattoos, a prominent nose, and longish hair.

Adam’s power consists of manipulating and generating microwaves, and to a lesser degree, radio waves. This has myriad applications. Adam can send out blasts of heat that work like a microwave oven, heating the molecules in some types of objects. He can also use this to either lethal or non-lethal effect by heating the water in a persons skin, causing instant and overwhelming pain, similar to the ADS. In addition, he can sense many forms of communication, such as wi-fi, bluetooth, and cellphone signals, and jam them as well. His microwave powers essentially give him a built-in radar as well.

His advanced mental state is a major issue. As the individuals with powers use their abilities, their advanced mental states gradually become more and more prevalent, even to the point where they stay in effect after the individual stops using their powers. SInce Adam’s emotional state during this is an enormous boost to his ego, his timidity and lack of ambition begin to give way to megalomania and grandiosity. Adam has the makings of someday becoming a classic egotistical supervillain.

He also gains increased mathematical aptitude, which eventually grows to the point where he can decode wireless and radio signals on the fly.

In conclusion, Adam begins as a rather unimpressive villain, loyal to Nelson, although his microwave abilities make him quite capable. Eventually though, he could become a larger threat than his partner.

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