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Convergence – Story Part Three

Please read part one and part two before reading this.

6.4.3. 15:76 rm

We had already begun our assault on the hangar bay an hour ago. It was an ideal time, as most of their leaders were tied up in a meeting. Fine time for meetings. We already have contingency plans for such events, and all it takes afterward is a memo to the officers with which plan we’re using and maybe an update. Anyway, the rain had ceased momentarily. Our craft had burst through the cloud cover, firing the instant we were clear.

In a single decisive strike we had obliterated their defensive turrets. HA! Fools.

We flew cover, preventing their ships from getting out. The bombers moved in and blasted the structural supports to the main entrance. The launch shaft caved in with a large crash. I could hear a small voice over the howling winds. “Computer, amplify external vocalizations.”

The sound of the wind faded, and the voice of a loudspeaker, coming from underground, said:

“ … Immediately. Repeat, evacuate immediately. All personnel, abandon the hangar bay. Everyone out. No exceptions. The hangar is in danger of collapsing. Get out, or you may die.” A computerized voice finished with a corny message designed to promote patriotism. The rebels seemed to care about people and relationships and junk like that. I relayed a message to Admiral Reon. “Objective complete, sir. The valyeds deserve it.”

“Very good,” said the commander. “We are sending the reinforcements now.”

– Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 15:77

The main hanger had almost been destroyed! Those barbarians. All they cared about was slavery. Not the good of the people. I once heard the name of their national anthem. ‘Rise to conquer all’ or something like that. Goes to show what they cared about. We had gotten the shields 1 minute ago, and were on our way to install them in the various buildings. We could still install them, and have them cover the damaged area in the hangar. Then we could repair the damage. I had gotten a go on my plan. It was very simple, and yet brilliant. Now, all I had to do was get to the hangar and get out the emergency dock with a ship. I would be done and back within the hour.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 15:78 (and 16 seconds) rm

Yes! The Supply ships had arrived! We drilled through the rubble using a modified mining ship. The whole operation was moving on split second timing. The instant the shaft was drilled, a team moved in. Telescoping rods moved up and supported the ceiling. Now that there was no danger of the cavern collapsing, security teams rushed out and sealed the exits. No one was getting in.

But wait… There was someone in a ship! It was powering up, It would be gone in a matter of moments. I hit the alert button on my wrist computer, and twenty men came to my aid. The ships ahead rumbled, moving into position to fire. The ships lights came on. I fired at the rear engines. If we could take those out, the rouge would be unable to launch. The Specialty forces moved in behind me, and powered their projectile weapons. Old fashioned? Yes. But in the age of technological advancements, people are so wrapped up with biggest and greatest, they tend to forget to protect against the outdated. Who uses guns anymore?

They began firing. Projectiles though they were, we were far past gunpowder. We used extreme plasma displacement that sent out the objects at speeds exceeding Mach 8. The sound was prevented from reaching our eardrums by the use of gel sacs that swelled up in response to loud noises. They also amplified weak noises, increasing our hearing. I could still feel the shock waves pounding through my body and had to lean forward to keep from being blown off my feet. Two holes appeared in the rear thrusters, one punching through both sides, and the other shaving off the top. The ship blasted off, and down a tunnel. The pilot was good, but still scraped some walls. The tunnel lead cut through a large section of earth. It would probably get out, but it would be extremely difficult to maneuver.  Skrassing renegades.

“Sir, reinforcements have arrived.” came the voice from the surface commander, the captain of the Holdaaer, a large bomber.

The reinforcements were in the form of many troop carriers, and large portable turrets. The Hangar bay was indisputably ours.

“Tow their fighters into space, give them plenty of berth from the fleet in case they try to self destruct, and move to Stage II.” I said.

– Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 15:80 rm

I barreled out of the emergency dock. My rear thrusters were blasted away. I only had the main thruster. And that was one of those ones that used fuel. I could still complete my mission. The ship still had the hover-pads. I steered the ship towards the sky. Once I had gotten out of the atmosphere, I put out the satellites. They automatically spread out to cover the planet. I was in a freighter. The ship could hold every one of the satellites. This was the Remavim. One of the biggest freighters in galaxy. Once I had deployed the satellites, I headed for a hangar near the military headquarters. Now that the satellites were running, no ship that wasn’t ours, or one that had a different race inside, would not survive. Except our allies. Whatever ship, no matter how big would be obliterated. If the enemy ever went back to their ships, they would not be getting a message.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 15:82 rm

We were moving through the complex quickly, securing building after building, and slowly making our way to the Coordination center. As we had suspected, the security equipment was still the ones that had been installed by us when we held the planet. The codes were different, but they were unfamiliar with the design. They didn’t know it’s weaknesses as we did. We scanned the entry pads one by one with a high radiation X-ray/gamma frequency hybrid scanner, and the codes were laid open to our view. We were now more than halfway to the Coordination Center, and we had captured a secondary storage unit containing huge quantities of staple foods. Amazing what they had done with the economy. A voice broke in on my speaker. “Captain, a rogue ship has made it’s way into orbit, and has dispensed large numbers of barrier satellites. They’re not too much trouble now, because we’re keeping our range, but if we get to close, they could blast us away!”

“Tesh! Can small ships get in?”

“No, seeing as how they’re based on our designs, we assume they will seek and fire on any ship not bearing their frequency, or DNA not of their particular variation.”

“Based on our design?” I asked, moving back toward Invasion Headquarters.

“Yes, we had some here when the rebellion started. They kept them from getting out.”

“So they’re using a ‘net’ design?”

“Yes, all linked together.”

I got on a transport that had come to pick me up, and we moved with extreme rapidity through the miles of corridors.

“Here’s what we’ll do. Get that defector, put him in one of the captured ships, and grab a satellite. Then, warp away as fast as you can, and the rest will follow. Problem gone.”

“Roger, but they’ll catch up eventually when he runs out of fuel.”

“Then move the fleet out of the way, and set the ship on a collision course with the sun. He ejects at the last moment, and everything else melts.”

I was now in the main bay. They had re-dug the exit shaft out, and it was fully functioning again. On our side. I could see the twinkle of stars over the ocean, and, more importantly, the blinking yellow lights of the satellites.

“Do it.”

At 15:93 rm, one satellite was pulled slightly out of formation, then quickly vanished. The other satellites went after it like rainbow sprinkles down a toilet and disappeared. Time to move on to the next stage.

-Cptn. Phinirri

[Notes] Okay, I’m not proud of that sprinkles analogy. I apologize. On another note, their evacuation notice originally concluded with “And have a happy, cheery day!” but he threw a major fit at me, which I barely dodged by eventually agreeing to change it.

Also, I think it’s clear that I was enjoying this more, from the lengths of the posts alone.

We’ll be taking a break from my old writing projects for a while, but this story will continue to be posted over time, until we reach the end of it. Then we hit re-writes. :)


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