Posted by: lordkyler | January 16, 2010

Convegence – Story Part Two

In the last installment, the Kassis had been alerted to our invasion because of a spy. The spy was promptly captured, and the story resumes:

6.4.3. 10:12 rm

We burst through the clouds, raining fire along with the clouds. Vivid flashes of red and orange from the Angelflame missiles mingled with the grayish blue of the pounding storm.

I was leading an assault wave against their communications center. Missile after missile streaked with deadly accuracy, detonating in shaped blasts that obliterated a large domed building that housed the planetary communications central.

Finally, the blasts were too much, and the roof caved in. We could see from the lights that the whole complex hadn’t been shut down, but now that the primary shell was down, we could use the recently installed orbital cannons to obliterate the enemy building.

I sent the command. Three long seconds passed… Then green vibrant fire reigned down like the hail of armageddon.

– Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 12:47

I raced to the communications building. We were getting a message about some fighters going at high speeds towards the building and it had suddenly stopped. As I came closer, I realized what had happened. I stopped dead. The building, or what was left of it, was ruins. As I picked my way through the rubble, I realized what happened. They had destroyed it!

“There goes our planet to planet communication.” I thought out loud. At least we could communicate with the ships, and they could communicate with the planets. I calmed down. We still had that. And our base communications were intact. We still had communications across the globe. Several other people had heard the boom, and had just appeared.

“What happened here?” and, “What the…”

I spoke into the mike in my helmet, my voice echoing across the clearing.

“Attention. There is no need for alarm. Go back to your homes immediately. I repeat, Go back to your homes immediately!”

The cleanup crew got here when all the people had gone.

“Get this mess cleaned up.”

I walked away with grim satisfaction. I had a plan that the council would not be able to refuse, and that would drive the enemy into full out panic.

-Major Morvagim

6.4.3. 13:32 rm

We were on our way out of the atmosphere when I got a message from the Admiral. “Captain Phinirri,” he said, “We have rooted out their spies from the Gorohond resistance.”

“How?” I asked. Gorohond resistance fighters were notoriously difficult to discover.

“They are not the only ones with spies and double agents. We have received information that all their agents wear a device known as a Lifeline that allows them to check the vitals of their agents. We double checked on the intercepted agent, and we confirmed it. We now have the operating frequency of the device, and we used it to hunt down all the members of their resistance. We did a full cavity search to make sure we didn’t miss any little gadgets. Now we’re sending them back to the homeworld for interrogation in their birthday suits. The Gorohond have a nasty little habit of using things to start uprisings. We’re broadcasting signals that will make them think the agents are still there, and receive any plans that they have made. We can use it to throw them off-guard. In the meantime, we need you to take out their fighter bays, and hopefully keep the fighters out of our way. Copy?”

“I copy, commander.”

“Also, we have set up a barrier using modified drones. They’re orbiting the planet some distance away.  There’s hundreds of ‘em, and those’ll block any communications that they try to relay through their ships, and tell us if anybody tries to escape. They’ve armed lasers to keep them tied up till the big guns get there.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Move out immediately.”

We dove back towards the planet surface, at the large underground complex we could only assume was their hangar bay. If we had our way, it will soon be a junkyard.

– Cptn. Phinirri

6.4.3. 15:75

“I want all main complexes secure! I want shields on those things!”

The general was giving out orders.

“Right. That’ll be really easy. It should only take a couple of days.” I thought.

“General, why don’t we use the portable shields?”

“Because they can’t resist much fire. Especially those big guns they have on their ships.”

He did have a point. The portable shields could only support one person. And that was during a fire fight. One blast of those new cannons, and the strain on the shield would be too much, and they would both be destroyed.

“But it could take days, possibly weeks to install a shield that can hold up against that firepower. And if I’m right, we don’t have that much time.”

“Not anymore. The scientists have developed a shield that can easily install to almost anything. They will have enough made when you get there. Once you get to your assigned location, you can have it installed and running in six minutes. Install them into every major complex we have.”

“Yes sir.”

-Major Morvagim

[Notes] All throughout this story, you can sort of see Josh just sort of trying to play catchup with everything I did, although it gets very obvious in the later bits. There was a LOT of “debate” in between these segments, but they got done anyway. I hope you’re enjoying our old, amateur  attempts at writing. As you can see, Josh (writing for the Kassis) leaned towards dialogue and direct sentences, where I preferred more prose.

I’ll post one more segment next, then we’ll take a break from my old writing for a while.

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