Posted by: lordkyler | December 19, 2009

Kyler’s Tale – Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The wolves circled closer. In desperation, Kyler threw his sword. It did not enter the heart, but slammed lengthwise across the creature’s face. Bleeding profusely, it whimpered away, trying to lick its own wounds. The last wolf came closer. Once it saw that Kyler did not attack right away, it became confident. It knew it had him. Kyler knew it too.

The wolf crouched, calculating the jump, and leapt for his throat. Instinctively, Kyler threw up his arm. The wolf latched on, clinging to his arm like a leech, reveling in the taste of blood. Kyler lifted the wolf and slammed it into a nearby pine tree with all his remaining strength. He had thought this wolf would give up after being slammed into a tree so brutally, but she had gotten the taste of blood, and was in a near-frenzy. She had been starved for so long, she was desperate. She leaped again, so forcefully she knocked him down. He could feel her weight on his chest. Kyler closed his eyes, awaiting the end. But nothing happened; in fact the weight lifted off of him. He heard growling and snarling to his left. Opening his eyes and turning towards the sound, he was surprised.

It was his dog! Sophus must have found him in the chariot and sent him back to help! His dog had several advantages over the wolf, such as a spiked collar, being was less winded, and, most importantly, he had not been slammed into a tree.

They leapt at almost the same time, and collided in midair, then they collapsed to the ground, a snarling, angry ball. Twisting and writhing they both battled for a hold on each other’ necks. Finally, the wolf got a hold on his dog’s neck, but a split second later released it, whimpering and snarling at the same time. The spiked collar worked well.

Kyler ran for his sword. Grabbing it with his left hand, he approached the scene of the carnage, and waited for an opening. Suddenly they leapt apart. The sun was above the horizon now, and in the wolf’s eyes. Kyler looked at it. It was so thin you could see its ribs, and blood dripped from her mouth, foreleg and side. The female was also covered with dirt, and torn foliage stuck to her blood. It was pitiful. Kyler hesitated. The wolf leapt again, this time at him. Before his dog could step in, Kyler clubbed it with the pommel of his sword. She crumpled to the ground, unconscious. He looked at her pitiful frame, and knew that when she woke, cruelly treated by the bandits. So he did her a favor. She never woke up.

[Wow, that’s almost dark, like Old Yeller if you only watched the part where he gets shot. In other news, never underestimate the value of not being slammed into a tree. More chapters coming.]

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