Posted by: lordkyler | December 5, 2009

Kyler’s Tale – Old Writing

Several years ago, I started a story that was not-quite-fantasy. It took place in a medieval setting, and a world separate from ours, but with no magic or other common fantasy elements. It dropped off before progressing more than a few chapters, but still had potential. I may someday revisit this, but for now, here is chapter one of the original, written when I was around 14. (other chapters to follow)

[working title was Exodus, for lack of a better name. Exile would have been more appropriate]

Prologue [setting and exposition]

In the year 650, on the world Auth, Kyler was born. He was the fifth son of the duke of Embearn, a far northern county in the far northern kingdom of Carsac. When he was ten years old, his education began. He learned from his father to ride, hunt, fight, and survive. His father always insisted on teaching his children himself. “No teacher better than their father,” He would say in his deep gruff voice. Often, under his breath he would add, “None that would come up here, anyway.” From his mother he learned to read and write. From his tutor he learned politics, diplomacy, and strategy. He was sturdily built, and tall. With his noble face, he was an inspiring sight, who men looked to naturally for leadership. He was a good leader, but he did not seek power or leadership, unlike his brothers and sister.

On his 17th birthday, he was in his quarters when the soldiers brought him to his father’s court. His uncle had been murdered, and all evidence pointed to Kyler. He was innocent, but he could not clear his name. The only thing that kept him from execution was being the son of the Duke. His mother burst into tears as his sentence was read: Exile.

Chapter One

He was wet. He slogged through the mud towards the stables, his mind reeling at the events which had occurred. At the stable door, He hesitated, undecided . The horse master stared at him malignantly. Avoiding his gaze, he went to his horses. He had two; a huge and heavy war horse, or destrier, and a light but fast courser. He attached his chariot, last year’s birthday gift, to William, the destrier, and loaded his few belongings, weapons, armor, and supplies into it. He saddled up his courser and rode out of the stables. His next stops were the mews to get his gyrfalcon, Gwyane, and then the kennels to get his dog. He hadn’t named the dog yet – nothing fit.

He then rode to the gatehouse, and saw his mother, eyes red and bleary. She looked determined. Kyler guessed his mother had reached some decision.

She looked at him and said “Son, I want you to know that I believe that you are innocent. Your uncle was close to me and I would like him to rest in peace, knowing that his killer was justly dealt with. Go now, my son, I love you.” As he rode to the south, He looked back to his mother and waved. Still sobbing, she waved back. As he rode on, his mother may not have noticed, but not all the water on his face was from the rain.

[The first chapter here is short, but they get longer. I sure gave him a heck of a lot of equipment, but hey, I was young, it was cool, why not? Also, the remaining chapters will be released weekly, then return to every other week.]

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