Posted by: lordkyler | November 21, 2009

Superheroes – Nelson Rydgis

Nelson Rydgis is one of the major villians in the story. One thing that generally seems unrealistic to me is where the average or morally dubious guy somehow turns evil because he has powers. (Or even hero to villian- I’m looking at you, Two-Face) I realize that a some of people probably would start committing crimes if there were to suddenly acquire power. However, most people probably would not. After all, a gun could give them the same leverage that powers might, and firearms are much easier to come by. So, barring insanity, it’s more likely a villain would already be a bad guy before gaining powers. 

This is at least true in the case of Nelson Rydgis. Nelson grew up in Los Angeles. His parents died shortly after his seventh birthday, scarring him deeply. The situation was exacerbated by his adoptive uncle and aunt, who had been going through divorce proceedings at the time. Nelson was shuffled between the two, who were too busy making each other miserable to pay any attention. When he dropped out of school and joined the gangs at 14 years old, neither of them even noticed. Nelson left at 17, and spent the next five years involved in a great deal of illegal activities. Eventually, he double-crossed too many people, and ended up alienated everyone he had ever known.

Nelson had always had an explosive temper. Dynamite on a short fuse, and just as deadly. Nelson went on a killing spree, shooting half a dozen random people before calming down. He then began to systematically track down and murder everyone who had done him wrong, starting with his aunt and uncle. He was arrested shortly afterward.

Nelson has received  four life sentences, and it is likely he will receive the death penalty, as his trial is still ongoing. In between cases, Nelson has been held in the Duque maximum security facility, to minimize the risk of retaliation by one of his many enemies.

Unfortunately, Nelson was also in town the day something triggered superpowers in random people, and was one of those to gain them. He broke out of prison immediately. Nelson, perhaps as an extension of his self-centered attitude, has absolute control over his own body, telekinesis over himself and his body functions, in a way. This manifests mainly as enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and resilience. He is the pinnacle of physical condition, and then a step beyond. He is also bulletproof, as his control over his body can even harden his skin, making him impervious to physical attacks. If he is somehow damaged, he can heal up to twice as fast as an average person.

His advanced mental state is also a dangerous weapon in itself. His reflexes are greatly increased, and he is capable of keeping up with multiple events and opponents simultaneously. His furious wrath often accompanies this acceleration, which can impede his reasoning skills.

And finally, Nelson is a vicious, ruthless murderer with no conscience. He has no respect for anyone other than Adam McCollister, (his superpowered partner in crime,) and Nelsons loyalty to him is fleeting at best. He is a self-centered, greedy, powerhungry individual, and a very dangerous threat to the heroes.


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