Posted by: lordkyler | October 24, 2009

Animoids – Jane Castello

Jane Castello is a the second member of the Animoids corp to gain morphing powers, and the first to achieve them on purpose.

Jane is from Arizona, and has both Native American, and Spanish ancestry, though it doesn’t show much. She is an was born and raised on a family ranch in Arizona. This started her love of animals, and she later attended college to become a vet. Joining the Army to finance further degrees, she quickly moved into the Veterinary Corps. Her aptitude in this area led to her eventual recommendation to the fledgling Animoid organization.

Jane has since proved an instrumental member, providing valuable medical care. Her knowledge of animals is invaluable as well. For her animal morph, Jane chose a golden eagle. Using this form, she generally provides air support, surveying the battlefield, performing surprise attacks, and giving aid when needed. Of course, because the Sarax boosts the subject to unnatural levels of strength and speed, she is an excellent fighter compared to regular humans.

Jane is usually serious and soft-spoken, with a gentle sense of humor. She is generally optimistic, though this does not affect her excellent strategy skills. Flying is now one of her greatest joys, and she is learning to pilot airplanes as well.

Jane, in half-morph

Jane, in half-morph

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