Posted by: lordkyler | September 26, 2009

Convergence – Holdar Shuttle

This is the Holdar shuttlecraft, a small two man ship, not very maneuverable, and somewhat slow, but highly reliable and excellent defenses.

The first image is a standard view, shaded and textured. This craft is boxy and angular, intentionally.

The second is a simple black and white line view, making it easier to see the shape of the craft.

Next is a rear view, showing the engines/exhaust.

The fourth pictures is a cutaway view of the interior, showing the storage crates in the back, and pilots seats in front.

Finally, a closeup of the features. To the left are the weapons systems. Although comparatively slow compared to other fighter craft, this shuttle has excellent defenses. The long rods on the bottom are for docking and storage purposes. Underneath the window is a series of sensor equipment and jammers. The long prongs on top are for casting the shields of the shuttle.

This is one of my first models intended for the Holdar, and I have always enjoyed the look of it.


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