Posted by: lordkyler | September 10, 2009

Superheroes – Missi and Chrissi Brooks

Melissa and Christina (called Missi and Chrissi by everybody) Brooks are identical twin sisters, nine years old Because identical twins have virtually the same DNA, they both acquired powers, but because their personalities differ, these powers manifest themselves differently.

The twins are blond, have blue eyes, and are tall for their age.  The girls both enjoy sports and reading, although Missi prefers the former, and Chrissi the latter. Since birth, they have been nearly inseparable. They are both strongly independent, and will often refuse to do something if just because someone ordered them to. They also like to imagine that they are highly sophisticated and knowledgeable.

Missi gained the difficult to comprehend power of manipulating space. She can use this power in a number of different ways. The most obvious use, teleportation, is difficult to for her to achieve, but she does open up “tunnels” by compressing all the space in between her and her destination. There must be a clear path to the end, though, or she cannot pass. By stepping through to the other side of the portal, she is there almost instantly. To other people, she appears simply as a blur as she travels nearly all the space at once, giving the impression of super speed. She can also “stretch” a space to fit through, meaning she could enter a door by the keyhole, appearing to simply step through, or enter through any hole. She can make herself untouchable by similarly distorting space, making it so that objects like bullets or enemies have to travel through virtual miles just to traverse inches. These powers are baffling and confusing, but she seems to have gained an understanding of how they work, but the only way she can explain it is that space is essentially an illusion. It is also suspected that she may have slight glimpses into a fourth dimensional existence, as space and time are inextricably linked. In fact, some of her powers are better explained as manipulation of time rather than space.

As far as their advanced mental states, Chrissi’s self-confidence is greatly boosted, almost to the point of arrogance. This often causes her to misjudge her strength, and attempt to handle more than she is capable of achieving. Another interesting mental state is an increased recognition and appreciation of music.

Missi becomes extremely strong willed and stubborn, making it impossible to change her mind while she is using her powers. However, she is far from stable. She is afflicted by wild mood swings, often resembling bipolar disorder. This becomes more pronounced as she uses her powers more and more often.

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