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Convergence – Writing

As you may know, Convergence began as a competitive chain story with my brother. I would write a paragraph or two describing the battle from my side (the Holdar Supremacy), and he would do the same with his (The Kassis). They were not very polished, because you just wrote your section and that was it, no re-writes. It was fun though, until eventually it stopped because of disagreements. (“My people would never do that”, despite it being a logical conclusion to his prior works, etc.)

Anyway, here are the first segments of the story. Notes will be on the bottom, and more installments will follow.

Date 4.4.3. 34:78 rm

Our forces gathered behind the cover of the primary sun of the Kassirir System. We were going to attack and conquer the fifth planet out, Kassis. The planet was ours, long ago, but had been stolen from us in an underhanded rebellion. Now we would take back what was rightfully ours and begin mining the precious ores we needed. I am Reddis Phinirri, captain of the Holdar Supremacy’s ship, the Telyon. The Telyon may not be the biggest ship in the fleet, but it’s one of the best. As a missile ship, we are armed with light and heavy missiles, torpedoes, and warheads, while still remaining fairly nimble. with my crew of fifty, we aim to do our best in the effort to crush the rebellious little ghiszes.

–Cptn. Phinirri

Date 5.4.3. 36:52 rm

We watched as their forces gathered, waiting for the storm to unleash. Two kinds of storms. The war, and the rain. The clouds had been gathering and it looked like it would start any second. I, Hethim Morvagim, and my men, waited patiently for the attack. I had gotten a report from one of our spies earlier, that there were a large number of Supremacy Ships gathering around the sun. We were also gathering a fleet- our people and the Yemoshé, which were currently at war with the same opponents. They sent us as many ships as they could spare. The Supremacy are trying to take the planet from us. We had lived here for millennia, Then they came. They slowly overtook our planet, until we were forced to evacuate the cities. We had lived in the forests and every other place we could until we had successfully driven them off the planet. The Gorohond Resistance was the largest rebellion in the galaxy. It now was used for spying and sabotaging the enemy transports. For now, it would have to stay that way.

–Major Morvagim

5.4.3. 58:22 rm

One of the lieutenants came up to me. “Sir, Security has found a spy!”


“They caught him making a transmission to the planet.”

“Skras! We must contact Admiral Reon.” I nodded to Officer Herrix, who began opening a channel to the Lead Ship, the H.S. Executer. “I assume he’s in custody?”

“No, sir, he killed himself.”


Herrix flinched. He was uncomfortable with swearing.

“Channel open, sir.”

The viewscreen popped up in the corner of my statistics menu. The Admiral had a stern face, etched with the signs of his sixteen grueling campaigns.

“Greetings, Admiral. May glory shine upon you and yours.” I started with the formal greeting.

“The same to yours.” he replied gruffly. “All right, pleasantries overwith, what do you want? I’ve got a fleet to move.”

Sighing, I said, “Unfortunately, I have news which may delay the attack.”

The Admiral stared expectantly.

“We found a spy.”


“He was making a transmission to the surface, and he may have conveyed news of the attack.”

“It’s too late to recall the fleet.”

“May I suggest an alternate plan, sir?” I told him my idea.

“Excellent, Captain, tried and true. Move out the ships. I want you in charge of that division.”

Cptn. Phinirri

Date: 5.4.3. 61:76

I was heading to the briefing room. The transmission by one of our spies was made just a few hours ago. I was hoping that I would find out what this was all about in the briefing room.

“Hello, and welcome. This meeting is to be kept secret, due to what we are about to tell you. I turn the meeting over to General Jak’tan.”

“Thank you, Commander. As you all know, We received a Communication from one of our spies. The message comes from their Admiral Reon’s vessel. Play the transmission!”

A voice came in over the speakers.

“General Jak’tan, This is Nengrahm Cemoed of Gorohond 3. I am in my quarters onboard the ship, but I am likely to be discovered. I found that their fleet has more ships than we thought. It has gorcons of ships, maybe more. I also found out that…”

There was a banging on the door.

“Open up! This is security!”

The sound of a door sliding back.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Just a routine inspection, sir.”

“Like Tesh you are! Get out! Get out!”

One of the security guards spoke.

“A-ha, what do we have here?”

“You put that back right now!”

“Grab him. Bring him to the captain.”

“That is the transmission. Any questions?”

Someone raised their hand.

“Do we have anything from the Lifeline?”

The Lifeline is a gadget that allows you to see the vitals of whoever it is attached to.

“No. We have nothing. They killed him. They cannot allow spies to be among them.”

“This meeting is closed. And remember, This meeting is a secret.”

-Major Morvagim


My brother is not necessarily the most skilled writer, but it works well enough. I realize there are some inconsistencies, but this is written so that neither of us would know what the other person would do next. Still, I like it, and future installments have more action.


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