Posted by: lordkyler | May 2, 2009

Lego Video Game Suggestions: Part Two

In last weeks post, I wrote the ideas that I think would make good Lego video games, but were unlikely to happen. This week, I will list the video games that are much more likely to actually be made. (In no particular order)

  • Jurassic Park

Why It Should Happen: Lego Dinosaurs, chasing you around, and all sorts of mayhem = Fantastic fun. Plus it seems Lego had the rights to this series at one time, so licensing might not be too difficult.

Potential Best Moment: Unlockable level in which you play the dinosaur rampaging through the streets of San Diego!

Lego Model tie-ins: There really aren’t too many potential models for this other than vehicles, but the kitchen scene from the first movie would be an ideal candidate.

Why It Might Not: The films, of course, got progressively worse as they continued, and it might take a fourth movie to revive interest in Jurassic Park again.

Alternately: Check out this excellent video

  • Back to the Future

Why It Should Happen: This would be more of an adventure game than a fighting one, but running around in the past, future, and past again solving puzzles would make for a great game.

Potential Best Moment: The hoverboarding from number 2 or the train scene from number three. (if you lost)

Lego Model tie-ins: Obviously there’s the DeLorean, but they might have to dig around for other model ideas.

Why It Might Not: Once Again, this series is so old, it make take a fourth installment to make it popular again.

Alternately: Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  • Marvel Games

Why It Should Happen: Specifically, Spider-man, X-Men, and a sort of Avengers game with other well known characters like Iron man, Captain America and the Hulk. Lego did actually have several Lego sets based on Spider-man. Swinging around the city as Spider-man could be very well executed, and the X-men have an extensive roster that could make free play very extensive. Also, now is a great time to start releasing superhero games.

Potential Best Moment: With a Spider-Man game, it would be swinging through the streets of New York, battling Doc Ock. X-Mens best moment would likely be playing Nightcrawler attacking the president. Playing as Iron Man would rock too.

Lego Model tie-ins: Pretty much any of the battle scenes would make a fun play set. Other vehicles like the X-Mens jet or some tanks for the Hulk would be fun as well.

Why It Might Not: Lego rival Mega Bloks gained the rights to the third film, essentially dooming a trilogy game, unless they can re-acquire the rights. I think the same goes for other Marvel characters.

Alternately: This guy made pretty much every superhero ever in Lego form, and you can watch this video and pretend that you’re playing it.

  • The Lord of the Rings

Why It Should Happen: LEGOlas? This was meant to happen. Okay, now that the obligatory joke is out of the way, LOTR is a fantastic  candidate. It has three epic parts, tons of action, and plenty of opportunities for humor.

Potential Best Moment: Possibly the part of the movie where Legolas takes down an Oliphaunt all by his lonesome, but there’s plenty of other great moments too.

Lego Model tie-ins: Minas Tirith. Okay, not really, but Balin’s Tomb or the interior of Mount Doom would work nicely. Also they could make a lot of “battle packs” as well, with a lot of orcs or soldiers.

Why It Might Not: I really can’t think of any reason not to make this, unless there’s some sort of licensing issue.

Alternately: If they don’t make this, Lego’s long-standing Castle line would make an excellent, if less epic, game. It’s already halfway there anyway.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia

Why It Should Happen: With Disney’s adaptations of the films coming out every year or so, it makes sense to release Lego versions. There’s plenty of adventuring material in the books. Plus we would get some official centaurs and other mythical creatures from Lego.

Potential Best Moment: The battle at the end of the first movie would be great fun, and sneaking around Tashbaan from The Horse and His Boy.

Lego Model tie-ins: Aslan’s How, the Lamp post, the Dawn Treader, there’s a lot to work with.

Why It Might Not: Once again, Mega Bloks swoops in to ruin the day. It seems they’ve produced sets before and probably hold the license. Even if they did make it, seven movies/books is a lot to cover, and it could be difficult to get some of the concepts across in Lego pantomime.

Alternately: Again, a Lego Castle game is the likely candidate here, but TT games (the producers of the Lego games) made a video game already.

  • Pirates of the Carribean

Why It Should Happen: The Pirates series is such a fun-filled adventure, that it’s almost obligatory to make a game from it. Pirates has the potential to be a great game, full of swords, puzzles and action.

Potential Best Moment: Either the wheel fight from the second movie, or the fight in the cave from the first.

Lego Model tie-ins: Obviously all the ships in the series, but there’s also a lot of playsets, such as the first fight between Will and Jack in the blacksmiths shop.

Why It Might Not: Dang it,  Mega Bloks. I will never forgive you for depriving me of a Jack Sparrow Mini-fig. Still, the series went downhill after the first one, so I guess we won’t have to see the games trying to make sense of the nonsensical third movie.

Alternately: Lego has it’s own line of Pirate related adventures, that’s almost the same thing.

  • Notable Omissions

Lego Transformers seems awesome, but then you realize it would be a game based on a line of toys based on a movie based on a TV show based on a line of toys.

300 would have a lot of sweet action, but you know they’ll never make it…

Monty Python. Just kidding, but the video is great

Star Trek has a lot of potential, but MEGA BLOKS MEGA BLOKS MEGA BLOKS. I hate you so bad.

I doubt that Lego would make an adaptation of a video game, but Halo could prove to be a very fun game.

Harry Potter is another series Lego has produced sets for, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a game from it.

Lego Vikings?

And Finally, DuneChaser from flickr has a TON of custom figures from all sorts of movies, books and legends.

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