Posted by: lordkyler | May 1, 2009

LEGO Video Game Suggestions: Part One

I love Legos. Those little plastic bricks can be combined in million different ways, limited only by your imagination. Literally anything that can be imagined can be built with enough Legos. So naturally, when a Lego fan sees something really cool, like a spaceship, they will probably try to build it themselves. Enter Star Wars. The immensely popular movie inspired two (and later five) more sequels and a host of fans. So when the hype began to build for the Phantom Menace, (sigh) Lego acquired rights to the franchise and started producing models in 1999. Since then, dozens of models and minifigs from all the movies have been made.

Then just before Revenge of the Sith came out, Lego Star Wars: The Video game was released, and sold very well. It was an awesome game, with humor and action, and it was just fun to play. Lego Star Wars II: came out later, followed by Indiana Jones and Batman. All of these games were fairly similar, but equally fun, and each one added a few new features to the games. As of today, I cannot seem to find any announcements about which game they are going to create next, so I’d like to offer some suggestions.

First of all, Lego seems to like adapting the games from movies, and trilogies in particular. Lego Batman was a little different, but there have been several films to work with. The games, (and to a lesser extent the movies they are based on,) need to be kid friendly, so with this in mind, my first suggestion will be the least likely to be made.

  • The Terminator

Why It should happen: Playing this game in Lego form would be awesome. From the motorcycle chases to the blowing up cars, this could be insanely fun. Plus, the pantomime style Lego uses for its cutscenes would make Arnold a lot funnier to watch.

Potential Best Moment: Playing this scene with Legos.

Possible Lego model tie-ins: The motorcycle and truck chase scene from T2 would make a fun one, as well as the foundry at the end of the same movie.

Why it might not happen: The Terminator movies are rated R, they’re very violent, and there’s plenty of swearing. As much as Lego could make this kid friendlier, the Terminator really is probably never going to be a children’s video game.

Alternately: You can look at this scene with the liquid Nitrogen

  • The Matrix

Why it should happen: Two Words (or one compound word) BULLET-TIME. The Matrix movies had tons of action scenes and martial arts, all of which would translate well into a video game.

Potential Best Moment: Taking downs hundreds of Mr. Smiths in the battle near the beginning of Reloaded.

Possible Lego model tie-ins: The Nebuchadnezzar or Sentinels would both be excellent models, and the lobby shooting spree would be cool as well.

Why it might not happen: Similar to the Terminator movies, there is quite a bit of swearing and violence, although the Matrix series would clean up better. Originally, I might have thought that shooting police might have been an issue, but the villains missions in Lego Batman shot plenty of them, so it looks like that wouldn’t be a problem. Probably the biggest obstacle in creating this as a Lego game would be explaining the concepts of the Matrix without talking.

Alternately: OMG YES! (except you would win)


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