Posted by: lordkyler | April 18, 2009

Superheroes – Charlotte DeVries

Charlotte DeVries is a red-headed college student who is essentially a human heat pump. By moving heat around, (Or more accurately, transferring the energy of the heat from one area to another,) she can create many different effects. For instance, by taking heat from one source, (say, the ambient heat of the air) and concentrating it into a smaller space, she can burn objects. Or she can freeze objects by taking the heat from them. In addition, she can also rapidly heat one section of air, and cool another adjacent to it, and create a blast of wind. She continues to learn various applications of her powers as she uses them.

Charlotte grew up in a small town in Montana. She received several scholarships and currently attends Duque University, hoping to become a teacher, but when she gained her powers, she began taking classes involving thermodynamics as well. Charlotte is very artistic, and occasionally paints or composes music for the piano, which she can play very well.

Charlotte, however, is very flighty, and has a hard time focusing on nearly anything but her projects. Her family expects that she has ADHD, although she has never been tested for it. She is easily entertained, and will laugh at nearly anything, but can undergo sudden mood swings without warning. As such, she has been through several boyfriends, who couldn’t put up with someone so temperamental. However, her current boyfriend, Michael, seems to be a good match for her.

Luckily for Charlotte, her Advanced Mental State that kicks in while she uses her powers makes her capable of razor-sharp focus, and she becomes much more serious. When a character uses their powers frequently, the Advanced Mental State begins to rub off on them to a certain degree, and Charlotte gradually grows more emotionally stable as the series progresses.


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