Posted by: lordkyler | April 10, 2009

Animoids – Jim Daiken

Jim Daiken is a character from the Animoids project. A brilliant geneticist, Jim never wanted to become a Animoid, but is still a member of Corps. Jim primarily oversees the process in which other members are given the morphing capability. He is a very good friend of Henry’s, and has an excellent sense of humor.

Jim is a wise-cracker, constantly making jokes about nearly everyone and everything he comes in contact with. His closest friends are generally those who are good at bantering back and forth with him. Jim’s conversations with these people are usually filled with in-jokes and pop-culture references.

Jim can be serious, however, and this shows in his work. While Henry was in his coma, Jim worked nearly round the clock for weeks until they understood what was happening, and Henry had stabilized. Jim tries to know each new Animoid member personally, and is often a member of the support team for the Animoid’s missions.


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