Posted by: lordkyler | March 28, 2009

Other Game Ideas

In my last post, about Psyche, a game I am creating with Power Game Factory, I mentioned I had a few other ideas as well. So here are the games I am going to try and make eventually:

  • Savanna

Almost since video games have been around, anthropomorphic animals have been in them. Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Fox, and Sly Cooper are all good examples. So in keeping with this tradition, Savanna is a game where you would play as a ninja cheetah, defending his homeland using the skills learned from Tigers on his voyage to Asia. Now that he has returned, he must defend his homeland from the combined forces of Lions and Leopards.

Something like this. (Image by VinlMouse from

Something like this. (Image by VinlMouse from

  • Deadbolt

In this game, set about twenty years in the future, robotic science has entered its prime. Robots and other huge remotely-controlled machines are a very powerful force. However, someone manages to hack the robots, and then, logically, take over most of the world. However, he is resisted when a mercenary team close to the hackers location, attempts to fight their way through and stop the robot attacks.

  • Elvenhome

Humans are trying to take your forest. You are the most deadly warrior the elves possess, and must stop the attack before you or your home are destroyed. Use you will use your sword, spear, and bow to storm an entire castle.

  • 4

In this game, you would play a shao-lin type monk who must master control of the four elements, and defend the valley against the Mongol Hordes.

Expect to see all of these games eventually.


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