Posted by: lordkyler | February 14, 2009

Animoids – Henry McCullough

Dr. Henry McCullough is a young scientist, accidentally infected with experimental compound CR-37 (Sarax). The compound, a chemically enhanced virus, was intended to act as a bridge between sets of DNA, allowing the body to convert foreign tissue, such as skin grafts or organ transplants, into their own DNA, eliminating the possibility of rejection. However, a simple accident caused Henry, one of the researchers, to accidently inject the Sarax, mixed with chameleon DNA, into his own bloodstream.

When he pulled out of the ensuing coma three months later, he discovered that the drug was much more potent then they had realized. The virus had spread to every cell of his body, but at the same time, so had the chameleon DNA. He survived only because the chemical portion of CR-37 boosted his system the way it had the viruses, and kept him alive. Henry is capable of consciously switching between sets of DNA, triggering the reaction through the nervous system.

All of these factors formed together purely by chance, and as a result, Henry McCullough was endowed with extraordinary powers. The Sarax accelerates his body, making him stronger and faster than other people, and the ability change all or part of his body into chameleon form was an unexpected blessing. Henry frequently uses the chameleon’s enormous and muscular tongue, it’s ability to blend with the environment, and independently rotating eyes to great advantage.

Henry is normally easy-going and friendly, with a quick wit and appreciation for practical humor. He is self-confessedly kind of a nerd, and enjoys science fiction and fantasy. This background, as much as anything, led to his involvement in the creation of a military group composed of similar individuals.

In spite of his high school antics, Henry still graduated with almost perfect grades, attended a prestigious college, where he received his biology and chemistry degrees, and began work at medical research facility Lincoln Labs. He was twenty-six, and inexperienced, but brilliant. Henry takes gymnastics classes in his spare time, and enjoys most sports, although he doesn’t often care to watch them.

Henry is good friends with fellow researcher, Jim Daiken, despite the fact that Jim is nearly fifteen years older, and Jim was also instrumental in the creation of the Animoid corps. Henry has dated on and off, but never stayed down with any one person for long. He visits his family fairly often. He has several nieces and nephews, and a younger teenage brother. They believe that he is now doing field research of various animals, his official cover story.

In conclusion, although all the other recruits of the Animoids were hand-picked from among the brightest individuals in the military, Henry, the accidental initiate, would have been a natural choice, although he might have chosen something other than a chameleon to share DNA with.

Henry, seen during a routine training course

Henry, seen during a routine training course

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