Posted by: lordkyler | January 29, 2009

Legend of Lithra

The Sword of Lithra is a fantasy tale, co-written by me and my brother. It is a separate blog, and new segments will be released on a regular basis in a short time. Posts may be a bit scarce here for a while, because before regular story posting can be done, the framework, or the lands, races, etc, have to be laid down so that there is a consistent base to build the story on. I am currently doing most of the work in this regard, and the Tome of Nadra that can be seen in the sidebar is being constructed by me. So if you feel the urge to see some of my work, head on over and give it a shot!



  1. Hello.

    Thought I’d drop you a line out of interest more than anything. I have also produced and published a book centering around a sword called The Light of Lithra. The book is called Legends of Lithra and was published over a year ago. It’s intruiging that we both came up with very similar names and concepts. If you’re interested check out the website or contact me on the e-mail address above.



  2. Thanks. I have checked out your site. It looks fairly interesting, but it seems that aside from the name and the sword, our stories are quite different. Still, it is a very interesting coincidence. Best of luck!

  3. […] of Lithra Previously, I posted about the serial fantasy story I’m working on with my brother. It is up and running, with mostly regular updates. […]

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