Posted by: lordkyler | January 24, 2009

Superheroes – Walter Richardson

Walter Richardson is the first to discover his new ability, namely, telekinesis. Walter is 42 years old, and eventually becomes the essential leader of the group. Walter is an indomitable man, and a leader in the community even before he discovered his powers. He was well known for his insightful, assertive, and quick decisions and reasoning skills. His common sense and experience are highly valued, and he is a popular schoolteacher for his less famous fun-loving side. Whether fate had anything to do with it or not, Walter, perhaps, is the closest to deserving the enormous responsibility that has come upon them, although he would not think so.Walter is not a native to the (fictional) city of Duque, Colorado where the events of the story take place. He was raised near the Eastern seaboard in a small, close-knit community. When he was only twelve years old, he saved the life of his brother Timothy, who had fallen into the river and broken his leg. Walter was by and large a serious minded child, and he graduated from school with honors. After attending Duque University, he decided to stay in the area, and got a job as a teacher. He also met and eventually married a native of Duque, Chloe  Thomson. Tragically, less than two years after their wedding, she contracted cancer and died. There were no children, and he never remarried. His regrets are lessened by his students, however, and he treats them as if they were his children.

Things began to change, however, when he received the capability of telekinesis. Walter has a simple form of the power that came to them all, but is potentially the most powerful. However, there is one severe limitation on this power. If Walter begins to use his telekinesis too often or on too large an object, he is promptly subjected to massive, painful headaches. Since one’s personality is a factor in how a persons power manifests itself, it is unsure whether this is s subconscious measure instituted to keep him from abusing his powers, or if it is just a side effect of the strain on the mind, as nobody else seems to have this issue. Regardless, this greatly affects how he uses his powers.

Walter’s limitation forces him to seek the smallest change that can still produce the desired effect. For instance, if a large semi truck had to be stopped, he could easily force the entire thing to a stop, or disassemble the entire truck if he wanted to, but shortly afterward he would be in unbelievable amounts of pain for several minutes. (which would of course feel much, much longer.) The more practically solution would be to activate the trucks braking system, or in extreme cases perhaps cause the front axle to come loose or to blow the tires. This method would leave him with much more bearable dull throb, if anything.

Walter is a strict pacifist, and will not injure a person if it is at all avoidable. He is opposed to unnecessary violence, and in fact, practically the only thing that angers him is when people are just mean, spiteful or vicious for absolutely no earthly reason other than that they like to hurt people. He is an excellent people person and a good listener, and he is excellent at nurturing the best in people.

Altogether, Walter is a wise man, and it is only natural that the others would turn to him for guidance.


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