Posted by: lordkyler | January 22, 2009

Convergence – Saint Class Ships

Forming the primary support for any major assault of the Holdar Supremacy, the Saint Class ship is a technological behemoth.

Named after the the Holy Saints of the Holdar religion, known to them as Casus (KAY-sus) there are currently only three in service, and one in production. Eventually, there will be nine, to match the number of saints. (Future post about Casus forthcoming) The one serving at Kassis is the oldest in commission, and has seen several battles already.

If you look at the measurements photo, (bottom left) you will see that the Saint class is roughly two miles long. A ship of such size has many advantages, and disadvantages. It is nearly impossible to land it safely or even move it into the atmosphere, and as such, must be constructed in space. However, it’s energy requirements are easily satisfied with a supply of antimatter, the primary energy source for spacecraft in the Supremacy. The benefits, however far outweigh the impairments. It can serve as a spacedock for nearly any vessel in the fleet, has tremendously strong shields, and can, if occasion requires, summon massive firepower. It can also serve as the quarters for thousands of soldiers. Although it has little defense from direct, ship to ship attacks, it generally carries hundreds of fighters.

The Saint class is one of the most powerful ships in the Supremacy, and it is doubtful the Kassis will be able to best it by force…

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