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The Superheroes (and Villains)

In the previous post, I explained how the super powers in this story operate. Now I will give a brief list of the main characters, their powers, and in what areas they are mentally accelerated (we’ll call it their AMS). Future posts will give more focus on each character.

WIthin twenty-four hours of the trigger event, all of the subjects used their powers involuntarily, and from then on were able to do so at will. Over the course of the story (or stories) the characters power and the scope of their powers will increase. For instance, a character with electrical powers will be able to generate magnetic fields. So without further ado, I give you the characters.

  • Walter Richardson

Walter is a fifth grade teacher in his forties. He has the most basic form of the power, simple telekinesis. However, using his powers generally causes extreme headaches, so he tries to achieve his goals in the smallest manner possible. His AMS is complete and total focus on what he’s doing.

  • Charlotte DeVries

Charlotte is a red-haired college student taking an art class. She found herself capable of controlling heat, and can therefore freeze objects by removing the heat from them, and then move it somewhere else to heat something. Her AMS is a much calmer demeanor than she usually has, as well as highly logical thought processes.

  • Cathy Deanham

Working as a secretary, Cathy acquired control over the very molecules, initially only being able to control how they moved, (such as making solids move like liquids and gases like solids) but eventually her control will be great enough that she could even change the elements an object is composed of or cause it to explode like a nuclear blast. Her advanced mental state is picture perfect memory, usually accompanied by a sense of awe and wonder.

  • Nelson Rydgis

Nelson is the principal antagonist of the tale, and he, along with Adam (below) was already in prison when he acquired his powers. Nelson has utter control over his own body. He will be as good at any given activity as someone who practices it their entire life, and then he will be a step beyond that. He is impervious to bullets and essentially all explosions, and can accomplish physically practically anything he desires. If he wishes, he can also accelerate his healing. His AMS is the perfect counterpart to his abilities, giving him extremely fast reaction times, a mind attuned to action and rapid movements, and a very instinctive combat style. He is a very, very dangerous opponent.

  • Adam McCollister

Nelson’s partner in crime, Adam was transferred from his native Chicago. He and Nelson did not know each other in prison, but met when they broke out of prison shortly after discovering their powers. Adam can generate, and later manipulate, microwaves and other electromagnetic radiation of lower frequencies, such as radio waves. He primarily uses this to heat objects and achieve effects similar to the ADS. His AMS makes him very good at math, and also inflates his ego, despite his normally somewhat timid personality.

  • Susanna Llewellyn

Susanna is a teenager who was involved in car wreck and suffered a traumatic brain injury. However, the mental acceleration means she can function normally while using her powers. As with the others, the mental acceleration starts to have a more lasting effect over  time, and she is slowly being healed. Susanna has the power to efficiently convert one type of energy into another, as well as having a limited degree of control over it. This provides her with a wide range of possibilities and one of the potentially strongest powers. While not as powerful in controlling any individual power as someone whose power consists of control over that form. For instance, she could convert kinetic energy into light to stop an object from moving.

  • WIlliam Elliott

William was actually visiting from out of town during the time of the trigger event. He is an engineer, now capable of controlling, manipulating, and generating the higher frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, x-rays, ultraviolet, and the more dangerous gamma rays. His power is one of the most dangerous in the story. However, he usually avoids using them, as his AMS consists of mild nausea and trepidation, however, this is accompanied by enhanced language skills, which seems to last longer than most of the AMS’s.

  • Jeremy Cole

Jeremy is a teenager whose AMS serves as the perfect complement to his powers. Jeremy can alter gravities pull. Initially only in himself and objects very close to his person, but further on, objects further away, as well as objects with greater mass can be affected as well. Jeremy can alter the gravity, changing it’s direction and strength, but he cannot change an objects mass. One side effect of this is what appears as flight, but as Toy Story puts it, “That’s not flying! That’s falling with style!” And because Jer’s mental acceleration applies to his motor skills, He can very quickly learn and subconsciously motions, achieving a natural Spider-man-like fluidity.

  • Joseph Carter

Much like Marvel’s Gambit, Joseph gained the ability to generate and manipulate kinetic energy. This lends itself to a wide variety of potentially uses to extensive to cover here, but when I devote posts to each individual, I will go into more depth. Joseph is an athletics coach at the local university. His mental state is a rather inflated feeling of power and excellent spatial memory.

  • Brendan Roelants

Brendan is a case in which the AMS is superior to the actual power, which is being able to detect and manipulate neutrinos. As useful as these may prove to scientific research, they are practically useless in practical terms, and essentially the only thing Brendan can accomplish with this fundamental particle is detecting radioactive decay. However, his AMS is much more valuable. As all of the powers essentially operate by telekinesis, he can remotely sense his surroundings, and his brain is able to subconsciously compute the future based on their current state, giving him a sort of prognostication. This only works if the event is not completely random, for instance, he can’t tell if your will fire a gun until your muscles actually begin to contract, but this is still a very useful skill. Brendan is  an twenty-eight year old musician with a rising music career, working part-time as a telemarketer.

  • Missi and Chrissi Brooks

Missi and Chrissi are identical twins girls, ten years old. Since they share practically the same DNA, they both acquired powers during the trigger event, however, because they have different personalities, the powers themselves are different. Although they like mostly similar activities, Missi tends to prefer sports and outdoor activities, and Chrissi leans towards calmer activities such as reading or drawing. Chrissi gained the ability to manipulate, and to some extent generate, electricity and electrical fields. Her advanced state is boosted self-confidence and greater musical appreciation. Missi’s power is the complex and baffling control over space. She is the only one who can even come close to understanding her power, and she does not understand it fully, at least for the time being. While using her power, she is very strong-willed and very emotional, and rapidly moves between emotional extremes.

  • William “Billy” Rockefeller

Six-year-old Billy could be very dangerous, because with his control over magnetic fields, a temper tantrum could prove deadly. Fortunately, his advanced mental state helps to counteract a small boys rash decisions, as his powers of reasoning are greatly increased. Initially, Billy can only magnetize and pull metals towards him (or vice-versa), but eventually he will develop the control necessary to repel objects or move them in directions other than towards himself.

  • Sheila  Lockwood

Sheila does not enter into this story much, because, since all of the characters used their powers involuntarily once, and she controls time, she was inadvertently sent a few years into the future, and has since been trying control her powers accurately enough to return. She is a twenty-three year old waitress studying to become a veterinarian. Her advanced mental state is a form of synesthesia, allowing her to cross and mix sensory signals, allowing her to see sounds, or see different letters in different colors.

This concludes the list of established characters. Since you’ve already taken the time to read this, I would appreciate it if you could vote as well. Thanks, and look for more detailed information soon!


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