Posted by: lordkyler | January 10, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

If you’ve read the “Major Story Ideas” page (above), then you may be aware that the other major story I am working on involves super heroes.

Super heroes are obviously not an original concept, and they’ve started to become a staple of popular culture for a while now. With so many comics around, they have run the gamut from light or campy to dark and moody, often within the same series, if they’ve been around long enough. (Batman, for instance.) In addition to this, there have been so many super powered characters in the comics that it is practically impossible to come up with a power that no one has ever had before. However, I decided to try it anyway, if only because super heroes are so dang cool.

Previously, I have wanted to try a few different things with super hero stories, one of them being a lot of super powered people all with the same power, but for this story is another idea.

Quite a few stories are very realistic now, such as the recent movie versions of Batman, or the television series Heroes. I want this to be mostly realistic, with some fiction, (this is super powers, after all,) but only in how they have superpowers to begin with. If a character has electrical control, for instance, I want the electricity to behave realistically. I would like the characters to feel like real people, and the situations to feel like something that would actually happen.

So today, I will explain the fiction part, namely how the characters gained their powers, and how it works, hopefully the only part that will be fiction.

In the story, about fifteen to twenty people suddenly find they have superpowers, all on the same day. Each of these people share a segment of DNA that serves no apparent purpose, an genetic leftover that is no longer necessary. It is nothing unusual, just something not a lot of people have. On that day, however, an unknown trigger event in their city once again brought the DNA into action. Their bodies reacted to the unknown event like an allergy, overreacting to something that didn’t effect anyone else. The difference is, the reaction was more mental then physical. Instead of stimulating the nervous system, the gene forced their brains to accelerate. All of those who gained powers that day possess this DNA, but because of physiological and psychological differences, they did not react the same way. They all essentially have the same basic power, and they all experience mental  acceleration while using those powers, but how they do this varies among the individuals. 

Essentially, all of the characters have telekinesis, but only one has the run of the mill “move anything” form. The telekinesis of the others is attuned to the generation or control of basic forces, such as gravity or electricity. In addition, the areas in which their minds become accelerated differs as well, so while using their powers, one person may become very gifted at math, another may find themselves able to remember everything that happened while using their powers. In some cases, this acceleration may be as good or better than the powers themselves, such as enhanced motor skills leading to Spiderman-like agility.

Tune in sometime over the next couple of days to see a list of established characters, their powers, and more.


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