Posted by: lordkyler | December 3, 2008


Sorry there hasn’t been any new posts for a little while. The main setback is not lack of material, but the time-consuming process of making concept art to go with the posts, so you can see the stories as I see them.

For instance, to create a spacecraft concept art for Convergence,  I first have to design the ship in Sketchup, (If I haven’t already,) export the image, add text, give it a background, and, if I want it to look really nice, add further shading, lighting, and special effects.

Concept art involving people is even more time consuming, as I have to create the character in MakeHuman, pose it, export, bring it into Photoshop, add hair, clothes, expressions, trace it, color it, texture it, and shade it, all too make one image. So far, however, the results have been worth it.

Make sure to come back soon, for the first post on my third major story idea!


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