Posted by: lordkyler | November 22, 2008

Convergence – Vehicles – Holdar Angel Class

Convergence begins when the Supremacy makes their initial attack on Kassis. The strike is directed at the communications and observation towers erected after the overthrow, and the newest Angel Class missile cruiser were the leading edge in the assault.

The Angel Class ships were developed after the overthrow, as a replacement for the older Paragon Class, and the Angel Class has additional versatility as it can carry a small number of fighters, and carries rail guns and laser emitters in addition to it’s primary armament of missiles. (Lasers in this story are well developed, but are different than the run-of-the-mill lasers in most science fiction. I’ll explain more in a future post.)


In the original draft of the story, (the unfinished chain story,) the first character we meet is Captain Reddis Phinirri, of the Telyon, an Angel Class Vessel. He describes the Angel Class:

The Telyon may not be the biggest ship in the fleet, but it’s one of the best. As a missile ship, we are armed with light and heavy missiles, torpedoes, and warheads, while still remaining fairly nimble.

The Angel Class utilizes three main missile types, Angelflames, (High-impact, focused charge,) Nimbus Missiles (Shield draining) and JMP Missiles, (smart missiles). Specifics and pictures in a later post.

The Angel Class was designed and built from scratch in Sketchup. The slightly boxy design is due to the factors that it is easier to model that way, and also because it reflects on the somewhat spartan, simplicity that the Supremacy prefers. This is one of the most complex models I’ve made, and one of my favorites.

Note: Since it’s conception, the Angel Class has been redesigned. Since I did not have Sketchup at the time, I attempted concept art in Photoshop. Although this can be a very successful venture, it wasn’t for me. I consider the current version a vast improvement, but this design has some promise, but not as a Supremacy vessel any more. Perhaps as one of the smoother, more organic Kassis ships.

Old Version

Enjoy. (leave your thoughts or suggestions in the comments.)

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