Posted by: lordkyler | November 19, 2008

Convergence – Races

All right, first, an introduction to this work in progress. 

Convergence is founded off of a chain story I started with my brother a while ago. He left, but I rebooted and developed it until it reached it’s current stage. Primary development has been in Sketchup models of vehicles and weapons for the two sides, as well as some work on their cultures.

The basic storyline concerns the battle between the Holdar Supremacy and the people of Kassis. Around fifty years ago, the Kassis overthrew the native branch of the empiric Supremacy, and began furiously preparations for the eventual return of the Holdars.

The Supremacy somewhat resembles the Roman Empire, but on a more galactic scale. The Holdars believe themselves to have the best government and people in the galaxy, and attempt to bring every race they encounter under their control. They currently have control over almost a dozen races and their worlds, and have claimed several other habitable planets as well. Their own world is unified, speaks one language, and the primary religion, (practiced by over 98% percent of the population) is state endorsed. This government is not very oppressive, and has decent civil liberties for citizens.

The Kassis People, at first glance, look like a fairly simple agricultural society. However, they are actually quite advanced. The lack of most metallic resources on their planet means that they have been forced to develop in other ways. Their knowledge of architecture, math, and especially biology and it’s applied concepts is advanced far beyond Holdar technology. (And human technology especially.) Their bio-engineering skills and knowledge of medicine make them dangerous foes, even though before the Supremacy arrived, they were barely beginning to work with electricity. Their technological level has rapidly advanced since the Holdars came, because during the pseudo-peaceful period when they first met, the Supremacy gave them recourses and some older technology in exchange for some Kassis knowledge.

The Kassis finally managed to get rid of the local Holdars by forming the Gorohond Resistance, masters of sabotage, stealth, and espionage. The Resistance has since become the largest group of it’s kind in this area of space, and will occasionally work for other planets in exchange for technology they hope will help defend them against the Holdars eventual return.


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